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📺 Stream your OBS to High Fidelity
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High Fidelity OBS Streaming

📺 Stream your OBS to High Fidelity

This is a tutorial on how to stream your OBS output to High Fidelity. I've tried to keep it as simple as I can but I'm working on a system to relay many people at once so that it can become even more convenient, but for now you'll have to self host everything.

Big thank you to jsmpeg for making this possible and including a basic relay script.

0. Requirements

1. Basic explanation

You'll open up a script that opens a HTTP server which takes an FFmpeg output, then relays it to a WebSocket server that it'll host as well. If you host this at home, you'll have to open up a websocket port over TCP but you won't need to open any ports for streaming to the relay server because it's running on localhost.

Then in HiFi, you'll have to spawn in an entity and change the user data to match your IP and websocket port.

2. Opening the relay server

  • Download websocket-relay.js
  • Change your directory to where websocket-relay.js is and run npm install ws
  • Then run node websocket-relay.js STREAM_NAME STREAM_PORT WEBSOCKET_PORT
  • Make sure that you portforward the websocket port (second number)! Thats where people will be connecting to. The first port is where you connect to with OBS.

You can put this command in a .bat or .sh file too so it's easier to start up next time.

3. Changing your OBS settings

Go to Settings =>

Go to Settings => Output => Advanced => Recording

Carefully copy the settings from the image below (make sure to pick mpeg1video and add -bf 0) and change:

  • File path or URL:
    • If you're not hosting at home, change to the relay server's IP
    • Change 8081 to your stream port
    • Change maki to your stream name
  • Video Bitrate: Play around with what looks best
    • 1000 for 480p works well
    • 2000 for 720p works well
  • Rescale Output: 853x480 or 1280x720 works best
  • Audio Bitrate: Play around with what sounds best
  • Audio Encoder:
    • Use mp2fixed for sound
    • Use Disable Encoder for no sound (recommended for good bandwidth)

Then use Start/Stop Recording to stream!

4. Spawning the entity in High Fidelity

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