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import socket
def load_external_settings(module_root, caller_globals):
Loads an external settings file, based on machine hostname, and pulls all
the all-caps names into the passed-in namespace.
# Convert machine hostname to valid Python module name.
hostname = socket.gethostname().replace(".", "_").replace("-", "_")
module = __import__("%s.%s" % (module_root, hostname), caller_globals,
{}, [])
local_settings = getattr(module, hostname)
for setting in dir(local_settings):
if setting.upper() == setting:
caller_globals[setting] = getattr(local_settings, setting)
except ImportError:
# File may not exist, so we ignore all import errors. If you make a
# Python syntax error in the file, it will be swallowed silently. So
# don't do that.