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{spawn, exec} = require 'child_process'
fs = require 'fs'
task 'build', 'build the whole jam', (cb) ->
console.log "Building"
files = fs.readdirSync 'src'
files = ('src/' + file for file in files when file.match(/\.coffee$/))
clearLibJs ->
runIced ['-I', 'inline', '-c', '-o', 'lib/'].concat(files), ->
runIced ['-I', 'inline', '-c', ''], ->
console.log "Done building."
cb() if typeof cb is 'function'
runIced = (args, cb) ->
proc = spawn 'iced', args
console.log args
proc.stderr.on 'data', (buffer) -> console.log buffer.toString()
proc.on 'exit', (status) ->
process.exit(1) if status != 0
cb() if typeof cb is 'function'
clearLibJs = (cb) ->
files = fs.readdirSync 'lib'
files = ("lib/#{file}" for file in files when file.match(/\.js$/))
fs.unlinkSync f for f in files