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The file contains a list of character sequences.
* Structure
The file contains a JSON object, whose names are [a sequence of code
point] values and values are their descriptions, represented as JSON
objects with following name/value pairs:
flag_region [string?]
The ISO two-letter country code (in lowercase) for the region of
which the sequence represents the flag, if any.
has_name [boolean]
Whether the sequence has a formal name assigned by Unicode or not.
If a name is assigned, it is listed in the |data/names.json| data
html_charref [string?]
One of the HTML character references for the sequence, including
|&| and |;| delimiters, if any.
* Sources
Unicode Character Database: NamedSequences.txt
HTML Standard <>.
Emoji Symbols: Background Data
半濁点 <>.
* License
You are granted a license to use, reproduce, and create derivative
works of the JSON file and this document.
Per CC0 <>, to the
extent possible under law, the author of the JSON file and this
document has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to
the JSON file and this document.