Generates Autodesk Flame text setups (.ttg files) from .csv files for batch slating.
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by Bob Maple (bobm [at] burner [dot] com)

flameslater is a utility for Autodesk Flame for people who do lots of spot versioning. It turns .csv files into Flame Text setups (.ttg files) using your own .ttg as a template.

It can also call xclip on Linux to place spot codes on the clipboard, allowing you to easily rename your sequences in Flame using something like Klipper.


There's no install per se, just download and place somewhere you have access to. For Linux users, you may also want to grab xclip from and building that (or optionally installing from some repository) and placing the xclip binary in the flameslater directory.

For a video tutorial on setting it all up:


Make a template using the Text effect in Flame and create any dynamic fields (to be filled in from the .csv) by surrounding them in % characters. The only required field is %Spot Code% which needs to source from a unique column in your .csv, as it is used for the filenames of the .ttg setups that flameslater generates (and optionally copies to the clipboard for easy paste-naming of clips in Flame.)

Optionally using the field %Date Now% will automatically be subsituted with the current date.

For a video tutorial with more info: