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mangal JSON schemes and examples

Collection of JSON schemes, and some examples, for the mangal data specificiation

Informations on release

Schemes are auto-generated from the API stored at http://mangal.uqar.ca/api/v1.

Stable versions of the specification will be tagged, using the release system. Any version number lower than 1.0 means that the specification is functionnal, but not frozen. Any version number higher than, or equal to, 1.0, means that future version will be backward compatible (see below).

Informations on update

Updates will be add-only, i.e. no element of the specification can be removed, as soon as the version number hits 1.0.


This project, and all files within, is released under the terms of the Simplified BSD license, a copy of which is included at the root of the project.

Forking this repository or otherwise copying this project in a public space constitutes implicit acceptation that any change you make to your fork or version can be pulled back and distributed under the terms of the Simplified BSD licence, with acknowledgement of your contribution.