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mango-cli CircleCI Build Status Build status NPM downloads

Scaffold and build your projects way more faster than before. Preconfigured frontend devstack to the absolute perfection. Fully automated to save your precious time. Ready for any type of web project.

A little example project is here: manGoweb/mango-cli-example.

Under the hood

Stylusexpressive, robust, feature-rich CSS preprocessor
SassCSS with superpowers
Lessthe dynamic stylesheet language
Autoprefixer vendor prefixes based on the real usage
Clean-CSSFast and efficient CSS minifier
Pug (Jade)robust, elegant and feature rich template engine
WebpackStatic module bundler for modern JavaScript applications
BabelUse next generation JavaScript today
ReactJavaScript library for building user interfaces from Facebook
UglifyJSJavaScript minifier
BrowserSyncTime-saving synchronised browser testing
NPMNode.js package manager
GulpAutomated build tasks
ImageminSeamless image minification
Sourcemapsdebug like a pro


Install mango-cli once from npm and use it everywhere:

npm install -g mango-cli


Before installation check that your system has these requirements:

Mac OS X

  • python (v2.7 recommended, v3.x.x is not supported) (already installed on Mac)
  • Xcode
    • You also need to install the Command Line Tools via Xcode. You can find this under the menu Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads
  • libvips via Homebrew brew install vips


  • windows-build-tools via npm install -g --production windows-build-tools (from an elevated PowerShell)
    • will install and configure Python v2.7 and Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 for you


  • python (v2.7 recommended, v3.x.x is not supported)
  • make
  • A proper C/C++ compiler toolchain, like GCC

Alternative methods


We also provide a Docker image mangoweb/mango-cli which is available on the Docker HUB

Pre-packed archives

If you're still having problems with the installation, check out prepared release packages.

Extract them locally and run npm link in the mango-cli folder (on Mac OS X you still need the libvips dependency though).


  • mango init - scaffolding and initialization
  • mango install - dependency installation
  • mango build - production build
  • mango dev - development mode

Feel free to use mango [command] -h for detailed instructions

Project scaffolding and initialization

mango init [options] [directory]

Forks a template into folder.


  • -s, --source [git_repository] - git repository with a template to fork. Default is currently the mango-cli-example

Managing project dependencies

mango install [packages...]

Installs packages from NPM and stores them in node_modules folder, from where you can require them (thanks to browserify). Maintain current list in the mango.yaml config file under the dependencies section.

Project build

Assuming the config file mango.yaml is present in a current directory and contains:

  - styles/screen.styl
  - scripts/index.js
  - images/**/*.{jpg,png,svg}
  - templates/**/*.pug
  - fonts/**
  - jquery
  - app/**
dist_folder: dist

Config file can be in JSON or JS formats. mango.json gets parsed as a JSON file, mango.config.js gets required as-is.

Production build

mango build [tasks...]

All assets are compiled and minified into dist_folder, ready for production use.


  • [tasks...] - run only specified tasks as styles, scripts, images, templates, static

Development mode

mango dev [http_proxy]

Starts BrowserSync server (or proxy server) and fs watch for assets change.


More in Configuration options docs...


More in the Wiki page...


Copyright 2016-2018 manGoweb s.r.o. Code released under the MIT license. Evolved from Frontbase devstack.