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v1.7.0, Oct 2017
user interface:
- navigation through segmented results for large lists of messages
- tags counters for archived messages
- send later for outgoing mail
- encrypted session checkbox in login dialog
- can use an external text or html editor to compose messages
- domains in mail addresses can be omitted for search operators
- new msgid and id search operators
- improvements in display of message/rfc822 attachments
- removal of the mail_status table
- optional materialized tags counters
- update mail.sender_date when sending outgoing messages
- skip UTF-8 BOM in mail files
- support scheduled sending
v1.6.0, March 2017
user interface:
- searchbar operators on message senders, recipients, status, dates, attachments, tags.
- exportable statistics and graphs of mail activity.
- restricted identities for multiple user with different privileges.
- improved tag selector for large number of tags.
- configurable start query
- more bugfixes on invalid utf-8
- per-identity deduplication and tags migrations in the no_duplicate plugin
- new init_status plugin
- use the improved concurrent insertion of postgresql 9.5 when available
v1.5.0, May 2016
user interface:
- port to Qt5
- bug fixes with Unicode characters in headers when composing
- use abbreviated sizes in attachment list
- fix "Fetch more" bug
- fix locale bug when retrieving FP numbers from queries
- fix bug interpreting certain URLs with percent-encoded chars
- russian translation added
- replace tab by space in multi-line headers
- reimplement rfc2047 encoding for consecutive words
- add workaround for a DBD::Pg 3.x bug with utf-8 handling
- fix utf-8 encoding in html mime parts
- fix undesirable CRLF conversion in attachments on MS-Windows
v1.4.0, Sep 2015
user interface:
- added save to disk on attachment's contextual menus
- on Windows, added "open with..." with apps associated to file extensions
- fixed lack of timezone for Date fields (reported on certain Windows systems).
- fixed non-unique message-id for composed mails (Qt-4.6 bug)
- fixed possible appearance of spurious show text/show html links
- fixed display of Face/X-Face with Qt-4.8
- fixed new mail insertion point in reverse sort order
- improved dates controls in Query Selection dialog.
- added desktop notifications for new mail (Unix desktop)
- added progress bar for uploaded attachments of outgoing messages.
- support for 64 bits wide mail_id
- support for maildir as the source of incoming mail
- outgoing_plugins are now allowed in the [common] section
- use Digest::SHA instead of the phased out Digest::SHA1
- support for gzipped mail files including in maildir
- added import-list option to import an arbitrary list of files
- optional partitioning of the words table
- improved text indexing to skip base64 junk in bodies.
v1.3.0, Oct 4 2012
user interface
- add accent-insensitive, word exclusion, find by email in search.
- new interface to submit and control server-side import of mailboxes.
- combine headers and body in the same view for better usability.
- add email syntax checks in composer
- help system: use an integrated browser instead of the external Qt assistant program.
- bugfixes: set forwarded status on forwarded messages, immediate effect of changes in display preferences
- improved accuracy and relevance of text extraction for the full-text
- add unaccent modes.
- integrate the indexing of html parts.
- text extractors on attachments replace indexer plugins.
- add partial and full reindexing capabilities to manitou-mgr.
- asynchronous mailbox import initiated by the user interface.
v1.2.0, Dec 27 2011
user interface
- drag&drop for attached files has been implemented in the composer.
- the filter action editor has been redesigned.
- filter expressions can now be evaluated in the interface.
- new dynamic column for recipients in the main list for outgoing messages.
- migration to the new Qt assistant.
- compatible with Qt-4.7 and Qt-4.8
- new filter functions on age, date, mail size and inequality comparators.
- new filter actions set and remove header field, and set identity.
- new outgoing plugins outgoing_header and attach_uploader_ssh
- added --dry-run option to database operations of manitou-mgr
v1.1.0, Aug 5 2011
user interface
- templates
- mailings
- performance improvements in full text search
- some MIME bugfixes on attachments
- mailings
v1.0.2, Sep 23 2010
user interface
- bugfix in tags with hierarchies set by filter rules
- automatic database reconnection
- headers are no longer printed on a separate page
- enable clipboard copy in the attached mail view.
- new config parameter log_filter_hits
v1.0.1, Aug 20 2010
user interface
- instant notification of new mail
- window title now displays the database name
- dynamic signatures
- bugfixes on message counters
- fixed possible crash when mime_types was empty
- new fields on users table
- populate the mime_types table at initialization
v1.0.0, Aug 11 2010
- improved and converted from html to docbook format
user interface
- full-featured HTML composer based on webkit
- global notepad
- improved main listview
- multipart/alternative supported for outgoing mail
- more Unix-like standard daemon behavior (fork, pidfile, syslog)
- automatic reconnect to the database and other improvements in robustness
- notify for new mail
- new plugin spam_learner that automates calls to sa-learn
v0.9.12, Jul 9 2009
user interface
- new email address completion and headers layout in the email composer
- bugfixes on empty attachments
- bugfixes in html viewer
- partial load for large messages
- new commands to create database, schemas and query the inverted word index
- new plugin: trashcan_purge
- fixed missing full text indexing for outgoing messages
v0.9.11, Dec 6 2008
user interface
- use webkit to display HTML and text contents
- show filter logs
manitou-mdx and database
- support for content_id in attachments
- enhancements in filters: logs, new actions and functions
v0.9.10, Nov 4 2008
user interface
- full Qt4 port, no longer depends on the Qt3support library
manitou-mdx and database
- lots of referential integrity constraints
- merged trashed_mail and mail tables
- tnef_decoder and pdfindexer new plugins
- new print-size option for manitou-mgr
v0.9.9, Dec 9 2007
user interface
- easier selection of a temporary identity when composing mail
- shared attachment contents for outgoing mails, based on SHA1 fingeprint
- new manitou-mgr utility with hash-attachments and merge-attachments actions
- test for the existence of an attachment within the database before importing
(shared attachments)
v0.9.8, Nov 18 2007
user interface
- Qt4 port
- improvements on attachment handling
- various bugfixes
- Windows version builds on MinGW
- improved mixing large imports with other processing
- accept multiple encodings for outgoing mail
- compute SHA1 fingerprint of attachments
v0.9.7, Apr 22 2006
user interface
- bugfix on preferred font loading in composition window
- builds on SunOS and *BSD systems and with gcc-2.95.x
- zoom on sql sentence in query selection dialog
- progress bar for attachment downloads
- improved and enriched help system using Qt assistant
- improved URLs recognition in message body
- new "Fetching" section in Preferences
- optional pre-fetching of messages bodies when idle
- improved tag editor with drag and drop support
- allow the display of raw headers when available
- bugfix in preferences on the attachments download path
- bugfix in filters editor when the focus is still in an
edited field on validation.
- revamped, faster search engine
- new config parameter 'detach_text_plain' to transfer unnamed
text/plain attached parts into the message body
- speed up the bayesian classifier plugin by caching statistics
- optionally save raw mail files into large objects
- improved parsing of non-conformant Date fields.
- modularization
- new build scripts conforming to standard Perl practice
v0.9.6, May 20 2005
- admin plugins with built-in scheduler
- don't barf on unknown encoding in headers
- new bayesian classifier plugin
- new attachments uploader outgoing plugin
- fix charset of outgoing mail for unicode databases
- fix use of default temp directory
- avoid newlines in mail.subject field
- take timezones into account for sender dates
user interface
- french translation.
- web URLs are optionally clickable in messages bodies.
- tag counters are updated real-time in the quick query panel.
- tags are sorted in the quick query panel.
- when composing under Windows, timezone format has been fixed for
RFC compliance.
- query execution times are displayed in the status bar.
- bugfix in selection of tagged messages in contextual menu.
- fallback to first identity when no default is defined in message
- space bar now scrolls a page when the focus is inside the body panel.
- text encapsulating forwarded messages is now user-configurable.
- spurious newline after the signature is removed.
- bugfix on wrapping a line on tabs at display time.
- added default identity selection in preferences dialog.
- keep attachments directory in composition window.
- message bodies can be edited and saved.
- properly disconnect non-primary db connections.
- improved status refresh in threaded display.
- improved text extraction in "reply (quote selected text)" command.
- optional auto-selection of recipient when forwarding.
- improved quoting of messages containing several text/plain attachments.
v0.9.5, March 24 2005
- accept attachment filenames containing unencoded 8 bits characters.
- new option --skip for mbox partial import.
- correct use of index_words parameter for outgoing mail.
- new plugin (mswordindexer) using vwware (
to index msword attachments.
- bugfix for busy loop when the no_send parameter is used.
user interface
- windows version available.
- bugfix on priorities lesser than 0 in message properties.