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gscmsh - GetSimple CMS Shell

A simple shell script to comfortably execute certain maintenance operations, like installing plugins or themes for the GetSimple CMS. The overall aim is to provide a workflow that is similar to Drupal's drush.

As I have just started writing this, it is not capabale of doing much yet.

Be careful, as this has just been written and may contain fatal bugs capable of bricking your website :P Use at your own risk and always have a backup ready!

Features already implemented:

  • initial creation of a GetSimpleCMS installation
  • installing plugins/themes
  • removing plugins/themes
  • listing installed plugins/themes
  • activating/deactivating plugins
  • flushing the cache

In case you want to join development I will attach a list of features that I would love to see implemented:

  • Autocomplete based on possible actions and installed themes/plugins
  • quick backup (maybe using the system's built in backup procedure?)
  • update core files (+plugins?)
  • fix common file system permission problems
  • anything cool, that you can think of ;-)

I hope this is may be of help for someone. Have fun and spread the word ;-)