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neagle commented Nov 12, 2012

Hi - please forgive me if this isn't the best place to post this issue. I just happily paid for the eBook version of The Node Beginner Book - the beginning was excellent and I'm continuing to enjoy the book. I've switched to the PDF version, and I'm a bit dismayed to find that all of the quotation mark pairs are ”mangled”. (It's not incredibly obvious in this font, but all of the quotation marks are right double quotes, which looks painful in a serif font.

It looks like there are at least some apostrophe issues, too. (See page 31, where "we're" becomes "weâ€TMre".

These aren't huge issues and I don't regret buying the book, but it'd be lovely not to have these ugly typographic stains on an otherwise great product.


I'm afraid I can't fix this. The Markdown -> PDF conversion is done by Leanpub. I think they did improve this in the meanwhile, though - I've just copied over a code snippet from the current PDF version, and the quotation marks were correct.

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