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%module(directors="1") SimplePcap
#include <SimplePcap.h>
#include <vector>
using namespace SimplePcapNs;
%include "std_map.i"
%include "std_string.i"
%include "typemaps.i"
%include "exception.i"
%typemap(out) SimplePcapNs::deviceList*
deviceList::iterator iter = $1->begin();
deviceList::const_iterator end = $1->end();
for (; iter != end; ++iter) {
add_assoc_string(return_value, iter->first.c_str(), (char *)iter->second.c_str(), 1);
delete $1;
%newobject SimplePcap::get;
%feature("director") Packet;
%feature("director") SimplePcap;
%include "include/Packet.h"
%include "include/SimplePcap.h"
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