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#Open Exposer

OpenExposer is a low cost open source stereolithography printer.


3D printed parts

For this early prototype you will need some 3d printed parts. All parts were made with OpenSCAD. They are located in the 3D parts folder.


Controller Board

The Open Exposer uses an Arduino UNO. There is no Arduino Shield until now. I am using the FabScan Shield for mounting the motor drivers until now.

Polygon Mirror

Currently Open Exposer uses a Aficio 1018 G029-1961 (or compatibel with a NBC3111 driver ic) Polygon Mirror. It can be ordered from Aliexpress or Ebay.


  • pin1: clock
  • Pin2: No connection.
  • pin3: Motor start/ stop: Gnd is start +5
  • Pin4: Motor Ground.
  • Pin5: Vmotor: 12V

For generating the clock signal, a attiny2313 is used. It will be replaced by a 555 soon.

Laser Driver

The laser unit uses a TTL laser driver. The laser driver Board is located in the electronics folder. It is based on the di4drive TTL laser driver.



In Software/Tools you will find grslicer. Which is able to slice STL files to open exposer G-Code. You can use g-code viewer check the results. There is a folder test Pattern which generates a test pattern g-code. This g-code can be uses for example for a calibration process.


The host application is a small python script which sends the g-code files line by line to the Open Exposer


Open Exposer Arduino Firmware.

##Other use cases

  • uv PCB exposing

##We will keep you informed