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v2.4.7 view commit logs


  • CollectionView#reorder will no longer remove an already displayed emptyView.
  • Fixed build of sourcemap files.

v2.4.6 view commit logs


  • Updated Backbone dependency to 1.3.x.

v2.4.5 view commit logs


  • Marionette.View#ui will now bind events when names are hyphenated.
  • Nonexistent event handlers now fail silently.


  • Updated Backbone dependency to 1.3.2.
  • devDependencies updated.
  • Updated uglify to fix deprecated sourcemap pragma //@ replaced with //#.

v2.4.4 view commit logs


  • Region#empty will return the region instance whether or not it has a current view.
  • CollectionView#reorder will now correctly respect any set filter.
  • Fixed childEvents failing to trigger during showing a view in a region.
  • Stop deleting the currentView._parent if showing the same view in a region.


  • LayoutView#showChildView new options argument passed to underlying Region#show to enable full show functionality.
  • Added support for passing down arguments to Object#destroy.

v2.4.3 view commit logs


  • TemplateCache#loadTemplate accepts empty script-tag templates.
  • Parent LayoutView's childEvents continue working with views attached manually using Region#attachView.
  • When an array of items (length > 1) are added to a collection backing a CollectionView using the at option, the child views are appended to the DOM in the proper order.
  • When models are added to a collection backing a CollectionView with the at option, the child views are rendered in the proper order even when the CollectionView has a filter.
  • CollectionView#isEmpty respects a false return value even when there are no child views.
  • Region#empty reliably destroys views when called with options.
  • CollectionView child views can, in turn, render children within onBeforeShow as documented.
  • CollectionView childView and emptyView can be pure Backbone.View classes.


  • Better documentation around view childEvents that reinforces the distinction between child view triggers and events.
  • Guidance on achieving full event lifecycle while using Backbone.View as the child view within CollectionViews or LayoutViews/Regions.


  • Allow Application to be initialized with multiple arguments for consistency with earlier releases.
  • More comprehensive support for Backbone child views, including a more rigorous test suite and support for render, destroy, and dom:refresh lifecycle events when shown by CollectionViews or LayoutViews/Regions.
  • Bumped Backbone dependency to 1.2.3

v2.4.2 view commit logs


  • Fixed a bug where reorderOnSort would not reorder back to the original order.
  • Stop deleting $childViewContainer so that it can be accessed in behaviors.
  • Ensure before:show and show events are triggered on CollectionView children.
  • Ensure onBeforeAttach and onAttach are called for CollectionView children.
  • Allow for disabling of triggerBeforeAttach and triggerAttach via show() options.
  • Added the documented buffer argument to attachBuffer and changed implementation so this was used rather than _createBuffer.
  • Fixed potential memory leak when destroying children on CollectionView by making the checkEmpty call optional.


  • Improve documentation around the requirement for an initial render to bind events in CollectionView.
  • Add documentation around UI interpolation usage.
  • Add documentation to warn about the full re-render of a CollectionView or CompositeView if reorderOnSort is not set.


  • Bumped Underscore and Backbone dependencies to 1.8.3 and 1.2.1 respectively.

v2.4.1 view commit logs


  • Fixed a nasty bug where reorderOnSort when used on a CompositeView would not respect the childViewContainer.


  • Add JSCS for style linting and consistency.


  • Improve internal linking across docs, to make it easier for people to understand how pieces relate to each other.

v2.4.0 view commit logs

2.4 In Overview

The Marionette 2.4 release is primarily focused around adding power and performance to Marionette.CollectionView’s and CompositeViews. It is now possible for users to declaratively sort, filter, and reorder in a performant and clear way on the view layer. Prior to this work it was difficult and required significant workarounds.

As well as working on the CollectionView layer we have added full support for lodash and multiple builds of backbone, underscore and lodash. Allowing the user to pick whatever tools they wish.

The other powerful feature that we introduced in this release is the concept of childEvents for LayoutView and their subviews. Prior to this release there was never a great way to listen or react to events that were triggered on subviews, like when something was rendered or destroyed. Now we have brought over the declarative childEvents hash from CollectionView into the LayoutView.

As always come and join us in chat


  • CollectionView

    • You can now set a filter method on a CollectionView or CompositeView to filter what views are show. This is useful for when you are displaying a list that a user can filter.
    • Add the reorderOnSort option to CollectionView and CompositeView to use jQuery to move child nodes around without having to re-render the entire tree. This is a massive perf boost and is an easy win if you are sorting your collections.
    • The CollectionView now has a viewComparator, to enable custom sorting on a per view basis regardless of what how your backing collection is sorted.
    • Refactor sort param lookup to use Marionette.getOption.
    • Fix childViews now fire a before:show event even if the childView is inserted after the parent CollectionView or CompositeView has been shown.
  • Regions

    • The empty method now takes an optional preventDestroy flag to prevent the destruction of the view shown within.
    • this.myRegion.empty({preventDestroy: true})
  • TemplateCache

    • The templateCache get method now takes a second param of options to enable passing options to the loading of templates.
  • LayoutView

    • Add a new helper method for easier showing of child nodes showChildView
    • this.showChildView('sidebar', new SidebarView());
    • Add a new helper method of easier retrieving of child nodes getChildView
    • this.getChildView(‘sidebar’)
    • Add a destroyImmediate option to the LayoutView, to destroy the layout view element and then remove the child nodes. This is a perf optimization that you can now opt into.
    • @ui interpolation is now supported within region definitions on a LayoutView
    • regionEvent support was added
    • you can access this functionality via onChildViewX or via the declarative childEvents hash
  • ItemViews

    • the isRendered property is now set to true after render, even if no template is set.
    • The destroy method now returns this instance that was destroyed to enable easier chaining of view actions.
    • If you define the options hash on your Marionette.View or if you pass options as a function to your Marionette.View, pass the result of options down to the backbone view constructor.
    • All views now have an isRendered property, that is updated after render and destroy.
  • Object

    • The destroy method now returns this instance that was destroyed to enable easier chaining of object actions.
  • Behavior

    • The destroy method now returns this instance that was destroyed to enable easier chaining of behavior actions.
    • Expose the UI hash to a behavior instance. The behavior UI hash is a composite of the view hash and the behavior hash merged with the behavior hash tasking precedence.


  • Marionette._getValue will now use call under the hood if no arguments are passed (micro optimization).
  • Add Marionette.mergeOptions to Marionette.View* classes, Marionette.Object. Marionette.AppRouter, Marionette.Controller
  • mergeOptions is a handy function to pluck certain options and attach them directly to an instance.


  • Minor documentation cleanups and fixes

Deprecation Notices

  • Deprecate Marionette.Controller, Use Marionette.Object instead.


  • YAML api documentation is now linted on each PR.
  • Add Marionette.FEATURES flag.
  • Refactor several methods to enable 100% compatibility with lodash.

v2.3.2 view commit logs

2.3.2 in overview:

Bug Fixes
  • Fix IE8 regression in Marionette._getValue to always call apply with either an array of params or an empty array.

v2.3.1 view commit logs

2.3.1 in overview:

  • Regions can set a parentEl as a way of specifying the DOM tree (default body) that they are scoped with. (useful for instance in LayoutView).
  var region = new Region({parentEl: $(“#sub-tree”)})
Bug Fixes
  • Layout region lookups are now scoped to the layout and not to the entire DOM.

  • Calling delegateEvents after the ui hash has been modified now works.

  • Prevent unsetting event listeners on region swap when a view is swapped out from a region, but not destroyed, its DOM events will not be removed.

  • A view's isDestroyed state is now explicitly set to false when the view is created.

  • Added Marionette._getValue. This method is similar to _.result. If a function is provided we call it with context otherwise just return the value. If the value is undefined return a default value. This method is private and should not be used directly in your code.

  • Various other code refactors.

v2.3.0 view commit logs

2.3.0 in overview:

This release of Marionette contains a significant amount of code optimizations and refactors. These changes will not be visible to you as end user however as they improve the underlying base of Marionette and speed up your app to improve consistency across the base classes. Such speed ups are most visible in the great work @megawac has been doing in both serializeData and triggerMethod

As always you can come chat with us in the main chatroom at

Work has been continuing on improving the documentation of Marionette, via an external custom JSDOC tool that @ChetHarrison has been spear heading via

If you have not already checked out Marionette Inspector, it is a great tool that Jason Laster has been working on to make debugging and working with marionette much easier.

  • Marionette.isNodeAttached
    • Determines whether the passed-in node is a child of the document or not.
  • View "attach" / onAttach event
    • Triggered anytime that showing the view in a Region causes it to be attached to the document. Like other Marionette events, it also executes a callback method, onAttach, if you've specified one.
  • View "before:attach" / onBeforeAttach
    • This is just like the "attach" event described above, but it's triggered right before the view is attached to the document.
  • AppRouter Enhancements
    • triggerMethod, bindEntityEvents, and unbindEntityEvents are now available on AppRouter
  • Marionette.Application is now a subclass of Marionette.Object
  • Marionette.Behavior is now a subclass of Marionette.Object
  • Marionette.Region is now a subclass of Marionette.Object
  • CompositeView’s getChildViewContainer now receives childView as a second argument.
  • Region Triggers now pass the view, region instance, and trigger options to all handler methods
  • CollectionView emptyViewOption method now receives the model and index as options.
  • Allow non-DOM-backed regions with allowMissingEl
    • allowMissingEl option is respected by _ensureElement
    • _ensureElement returns a boolean, indicating whether or not element is available
    • Region#show early-terminates on missing element
  • Regions now ensure the view being shown is valid
    • Allowing you to handle the error of a without the region killing the currentView and breaking without recourse.
    • Appending isDestroyed to a Backbone.View on region empty now adds the same safety for not re-showing a removed Backbone view.
  • Marionette is now aliased as Mn on the window.
  • Collection/Composite Views now support passing in 'sort' as both a class property and as an option.
  • RegionManager will now auto instantiate regions that are attached to the regionManager instance.
new Marionette.RegionManager({
  regions: {
    "aRegion": "#bar"
  • Region now uses $.el.html(‘’) instead of .innerHTML to clear contents.
    • We can not use .innerHTML due to the fact that IE will not let us clear the html of tables and selects. We also do not want to use the more declarative empty method that jquery exposes since .empty loops over all of the children DOM nodes and unsets the listeners on each node. While this seems like a desirable thing, it comes at quite a high performance cost. For that reason we are simply clearing the html contents of the node.
  • Destroying an old view kept alive by {preventDestroy: true} no longer empties its former region.
    • Now the destroy listener from previous view is removed on region show
  • AppRouter this.options now assigned prior to initialize being called.
Deprecation Warnings
  • Marionette.Application.addInitializer
  • Marionette.Application Channel
  • Marionette.Application Regions
  • Marionette.Callbacks
  • Marionette.Deferred
  • Marionette.Module.addInitializer
  • Marionette.Module.addFinalizer

v2.2.2 view commit logs

  • Fixes

    • Remove duplicate call to region.empty on view destroy.
    • Fix call time of swapOut.
    • Fix broken link in Marionette Error messages

v2.2.1 view commit logs

  • Fixes

    • Revert collection type checking for collectionView.

v2.2.0 view commit logs

  • Features

    • Normalize region selectors hash to allow a user to use the @ui. syntax
    • Marionette.triggerMethodOn
      • triggerMethodOn invokes triggerMethod on a specific context
    • Marionette.Error
      • captureStackTrace cleans up stack traces
    • add view _behaviors reference to associated behaviors
      • enabling you to easily test and spy on your behaviors
    • CollectionViews now receive events from emptyViews in the childEvents hash
    • Regions now receive swapOut and beforeSwapOut events.
    • Application has this.options
    • Application has initialize method
    • Behaviors no longer wrap view methods
  • Bug Fixes

    • LayoutView’s regions are scoped inside its el
    • Fix inconsistent Marionette.Object constructor implementation.
    • emptyView instances now proxy their events up to the collection / compositeView
    • collection / compositeView does not listen to collection add/remove/reset events until after render.
    • Marionette.normalizeUIKeys no longer mutates UI hash
  • Better Errors

    • View destroyed error now includes the view cid in the error message.
    • Throw an error when Marionette.bindEntityEvents is not an object or function
    • Throw a descriptive error for collectionViews
      • If you do not pass a valid collectionView instance you are now given a logical error.
  • Documentation Improvements

    • New API docs are in progress
    • Examples have been cleaned up

v2.2.0-pre.2 view commit logs

v2.2.0-pre view commit logs

v2.1.0 view commit logs

  • Features

    • Marionette.Object

      • A base class which other classes can extend from. Marionette.Object incorporates many Backbone conventions and utilities like initialize and Backbone.Events. It is a user friendly class to base your classes on to get Backbone conventions on any generic class.
    • Add a el reference to the views el from within a behavior instance.

    • ItemViews can now have no template by setting template: false

    • Application objects can now configure their default message channel.

      • This will allow you to configure multiple applications to exist at the same time within an app without their event bus colliding.
    • Application objects now have the getOption method.

    • Regions now have a hasView method to determine if there is a view within a given region.

    • Views no longer use toJSON directly on models. Instead they call into the new overridable methods serializeModel and serializeCollection via serializeData

    • Return chainable objects from more methods to be consistent

      • Application: emptyRegions
      • Application: removeRegion
      • CollectionView renderChildView

      • Controller new

      • LayoutView destroy

      • Region reset

      • Region attachView
      • Region empty

      • RegionManager destroy

      • RegionManager emptyRegions (now returns regions)
      • RegionManager removeRegions (now returns regions)
      • RegionManager removeRegion (now returns region)
      • View destroy
      • View undelegateEvents
      • View delegateEvents
    • RegionManager addRegions now accepts a function that returns a region definition in addition to a region definition object

      • This extends to Marionette.Application’s and CompositeView’s regions properties
    • Added CollectionView resortView

      • Override this method on a subclass of CollectionView to provide custom logic for rendering after sorting the collection.
    • View instance is now passed as a third argument to Marionette.Renderer.render

    • Add getRegionManager to Application

  • Fixes

    • CollectionView now maintains proper order when adding a mode
    • Fix component.js path
    • Prevent AppRouter from erroring when appRoutes are passed into the router constructor as an option.
    • UI hash keys now only allow documented syntax, enforcing @ui.stuff instead of @ui<ANY_CHAR>stuff

v2.1.0-pre view commit logs

v2.0.3 view commit logs

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where before:show was not triggered on a view's behavior when shown within a region.

    • Destroying a view outside of its region will now cause the region to remove its reference to that view.

v2.0.2 view commit logs

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where render:collection called before the entire collection and children had been rendered.
  • General

    • Remove bundled main entry point for bower.

v2.0.1 view commit logs

  • Fix missing Wreqr and Babysitter in Core AMD definition.

v2.0.0 view commit logs

  • This is a breaking release and contains many API updates and changes, thus changelog is quite large for this release, please refer to the google doc for the full details of what is new and what has changed.

v2.0.0-pre.2 view commit logs

  • The changelog is quite large for this release, please refer to the google doc

v2.0.0-pre.1 view commit logs

  • The changelog is quite large for this release, please refer to the google doc

v1.8.8 view commit logs

  • Fixes
    • Fixed the case where onShow was not called on child view behaviors when inside a Collection or Composite view.

v1.8.7 view commit logs

  • Fixes

    • Fixed nasty ui interpolation bug with behaviors.
  • General

    • Minor Doc cleanup

v1.8.6 view commit logs

  • Regions

    • now returns the region instance to allow for region operation chaining.
    • triggers the view's native triggerMethod if it exists. This is to handle the case that triggerMethod is wrapped by a Marionette.Behavior.
  • General

    • Update jquery 2.x upper bound dependency restrictions.
    • The grunt test command will now complain if you do not have bower components installed.
    • Readme cleanups.

v1.8.5 view commit logs

  • Fixes
    • Update the UMD build to be inline with the 2.x branch UMD implementation.

v1.8.4 view commit logs

  • General
    • Update bundled build to use the latest version of babysitter and wreqr.

v1.8.3 view commit logs

  • Fixes
    • Behaviors now have access to the views options and events during their initialize.

v1.8.2 view commit logs

  • Fixes
    • Behaviors now calls stopListening on close.
    • Behaviors now undelegate modelEvents and collectionEvents when the parent view calls undelegateEvents.

v1.8.0 view commit logs

  • General

    • Update Gruntfile.
    • The default task (grunt) now runs tests.
    • $ grunt dev watch for watching.
    • $ grunt build runs the tests and compiles.
    • Add better inline documentation for module implementation.
    • Add better inline behavior documentation.
  • Fixes

    • Behaviors now correctly lookup methods for modelEvents and collectionEvents.
    • The CollectionView now triggers close on its children in the correct order.
  • Features

    • Add onRoute to the appRouter.
        onRoute: function(route, params) {
    • now takes an option to prevent closing the previous view in the region. By default a region will automatically close the previous view, however you can prevent this behavior by passing {preventDestroy: true} in the options parameter., { preventDestroy: true })
    • Add a getRegion method to Layout. This is in line with the eventual goal of not attaching regions to the root layout object.
    • Behavior instances now extend from Backbone.Events, allowing you to use .listenTo and .on.

    • Allow Behaviors to have a functional hash lookup.

        behaviors: function() {
          // “this” will refer to the view instance
          return : {
            BehaviorA: {}
    • RegionManagers now calls stopListening on a regions on removal.
  • Refactors

    • Abstract underscore collection method mixin into a generic helper.
    • Use built in marionette extend for behaviors.
  • Tests

    • Add a whitespace linter to the text coverage. Trailing whitespace now causes to fail.
    • Add test coverage for bindEntitiyEvents and unbindEntityEvents.
    • Test public API for the regionManager.
    • Improve view trigger tests for better control when testing.

v1.7.4 view commit logs

  • General

    • Update bower dependencies to take advantage of the fact that marionette repos follow semver.
  • Fixes

    • Behaviors events no longer collide with each other.
    • Revert stopListening call on stop for modules. While this was a "fix", the docs were quite vague leading to breaking changes for many people.
    • startWithParent is now respected when using a moduleClass property.

v1.7.3 view commit logs

  • Behaviors

    • Adds the ability to use @ui interpolation within the events hash on a behavior.
  • Fixes

    • Corrects broken view $el proxy in behaviors.

v1.7.2 view commit logs

  • Fixes
    • Binds behavior events to the behavior instance, as compared to the view.

v1.7.1 view commit logs

  • Fixes
    • Enables the use of string based behavior event methods.

v1.7.0 view commit logs

Version 1.7 represents a significant step in formalizing the ways to improve your view code though reusable behaviors. Say goodbye to custom mixin strategies and welcome behaviors into town.

  • Behaviors

    A Behavior is an isolated set of DOM / user interactions that can be mixed into any View. Behaviors allow you to blackbox View specific interactions into portable logical chunks, keeping your views simple and your code DRY. Read the docs here.

  • Modules

    • Call stop listening on module stop.
  • Events

    • add a before:show event for views and regions
  • Docs

    • Entire refactor of application docs.
  • Tests

    • Rework the module tests to improve readability and consistency.
  • General

    • switch from ~ to ^ for trusted dependencies.

v1.6.4 view commit logs

  • Fixes
    • Patches a bug that would cause modules to be initialized twice when a custom module class is passed

v1.6.3 view commit logs

  • Improvements

    • Enable more direct module instantiation on Marionette.App.

        var ItemModule = Marionette.Module.extend({
          startWithParent: false,
          initialize: function(options) {},
          onStart: function() {}
        // ...
     'Items', ItemModule);
    • ui hash interpolation now supports a functional ui hash.

        ui: function() {
          return {
            "foo": ".foo"
  • Fixes

    • Fix @ui interpolation for handling complex selectors.

          "click div:not(": "tapper"
    • Bump backbone.babysitter and backbone.wreqr versions.
  • General
    • Improve readme docs for CollectionView, AppRouter and ItemView.
    • Handle THE npm self sign cert problem
    • Replace unneeded argument slicing.
    • Normalize error throwing to use internal throwError helper method.
    • Use _ type checks for non performant code to improve readability and consistency.

v1.6.2 view commit logs

  • CollectionView/CompositeView
    • allow itemEvents to use string based method names PR 875
  • Modules
    • update module initialize to include moduleName and app PR 898
  • General
    • significantly improve module documentation PR 897

v1.6.1 view commit logs

  • Modules
    • Fix a bug where a module would not start by default when defined as an object literal

v1.6.0 view commit logs

  • CompositeView

    • add a composite:collection:before:render event
  • CollectionView

    • checkEmpty can now be overridden
  • Modules

    • Modules can now be created using the extend method, and then attached to an Application.
  • General

    • add a component.json file
    • update bower.json
    • add AMD build in bower.json
  • Tests

    • general clean up
    • add sinon.js for test spys

v1.5.1 view commit logs

  • CollectionView/CompositeView
    • Fix bug where show and onDomRefresh was not called on itemViews in certain conditions

v1.5.0 view commit logs

  • Views

    • View options can now be a function
    • onDomRefresh is now only called when said view is in the DOM
  • CollectionView/CompositeView

    • itemViewContainer is now called with the correct context
    • Fix bug where reseting a collection within a collectionView would cause onShow and onDomRefresh to be called incorrectly on the itemViews.
    • addItemView now returns the view that was added
    • You can now specify an itemEvents hash or method which allows you to capture all bubbling itemEvents without having to manually set bindings.
    itemEvents: {
      "render": function() {
        console.log("an itemView has been rendered");
  • Regions

    • Region close event now passes the view being closed with the event.
  • General

    • Updated bower ignore folder
    • Added an editor config file

v1.4.1 view commit logs

  • Views
    • fix for inital view class options. Now retains set options at class instantiation

v1.4.0 view commit logs

  • Views
    • adds the ability to use the new @ui. syntax within the events and triggers hash to prevent selector duplication

v1.3.0 view commit logs

  • CompositeView / CollectionView
    • Massive perf boost in rendering collection and composite views by using document fragments jsPerf

v1.2.3 view commit logs

  • CompositeView
    • Fixed bug where child views were being added before the initial render, thus raising errors.

v1.2.2 view commit logs

  • Views
    • Move the instantiation of view options above the constructor This allows for view options to be accessed from within the initialize method for a given view This is needed since backbone views no longer set the view options in the constructor

v1.2.1 view commit logs

  • Views
    • fixed a bug so now view options are {} by default and not undefined.
    • fixed a bug where the triggers preventDefault and stopPropagation were executing in the wrong context – triggers now prevent default and stop propagation by default once more.

v1.2.0 view commit logs

  • Update Backbone to 1.1.0

  • Views

    • added the ability to customize the behavior of triggers preventDefault and stopPropagation
  • Collection View / CompositeView

    • added the ability to specifiy getEmptyView for dynamic emptyView lookups

v1.1 view commit logs

  • Marionette.View / All Views

    • Fix for ui bindings to not be removed from view prototype, if unrendered view is closed
    • Template helpers can now be provided as a constructor function option
  • Layout

    • Will properly attach regions if the layout's close method was called prior to render
    • Calling .addRegions will correctly modify the layout instance' region list instead of the prototype's
    • Fixed bug that prevented default regionType from being used
  • CompositeView

    • The itemViewContainer can be supplied in the constructor function options
  • Application

    • Added closeRegions method to close all regions on the app instance
    • Added getRegion method to retrieve a region by name
  • AppRouter

    • Added appRoute method to create app router handlers at runtime
    • Added ability to set appRoutes in constructor function options
  • Marionette.triggerMethod

    • Calls to the Marionette.triggerMethod can be made on objects that do not have a trigger method

v1.0.4 view commit logs

  • ItemView

    • Added needed constructor function back - it added lots of things and needed to be there
  • CompositeView

    • Added explicit call to CollectionView constructor to allow for inheritance overriding
  • Layout

    • Small clarification for consistency on call to ItemView constructor

v1.0.3 view commit logs

  • ItemView

    • Deleted unneeded constructor function - it added nothing and didn't need to be there
  • CompositeView

    • Added index parameter to method signature, to show that it is available
    • Deleted unneeded constructor function and removed call to getItemView as it was causing problems and was not needed in the constructor.
  • All Views

    • Fixed a bug in the entity and collection event bindings, where stopListening would not unbind the event handlers
  • Renderer / All Views

    • The Renderer.render method will throw a more meaningful error if the supplied template is falsey
  • Region

    • Re-showing a closed view now works by re-rendering and re-inserting the view in to the DOM
    • Region will trigger a show event when showing a view (updated the code to work like the docs already said)
    • Set the currentView before triggering the show events from the region / view
  • RegionManager

    • Fixed a bug to decrement the .length when a region is removed

v1.0.2 view commit logs

  • UI Elements

    • Fix bug to unbind them after the "close" event / onClose method, so the ui elements are available during these
  • AppRouter

    • Fix bug that was reversing the order of routes, causing the wrong route to be fired in many cases

v1.0.1 view commit logs

  • AMD build: Removed require('jQuery') as Marionette now pulled Backbone.$ as Marionette.$.

  • Fixed RegionManager to allow region types to be specified again, not just region instances.

  • NPM: Removed hard dependency on jQuery from the dependency list. This will be pulled in by other libs, or should be pulled in manually, to get the right version.

v1.0.0 view commit logs

  • RegionManager

    • Created new Marionette.RegionManager object to manage a set of regions
  • Region

    • Region will call the close method on a view, or the remove method if close is not found, when closing a view
    • When calling the show method with the same view instance multiple times, subsequent calls will only re-render the view and not close / re-open it
  • Application

    • Now uses Marionette.RegionManager to manage regions
  • Layout

    • Now uses Marionette.RegionManager to manage regions
    • Now supports dynamic add / remove of regions
    • Can specify regions as a function that takes an options argument (the view's constructor options)
  • CollectionView / CompositeView

    • When specifying itemViewOptions as a function, an item index argument will be passed as the second parameter
    • Will call the close or remove method when closing a view, with close method taking precedence
  • CompositeView

    • Fixed a bug that caused an error when the collection was reset (loaded) before the view was rendered
  • All Views

    • Closing a view will properly unbind ui elements
    • Closing and then re-rendering a view will re-bind the ui elements
  • Functions

    • Removed the Marionette.createObject function - it was never used by Marionette, directly
  • jQuery

    • Replaced direct calls to $ with new Marionette.$, which is assigned to Backbone.$ for consistency w/ Backbone.
  • Backbone.Wreqr

    • Updated to v0.2.0
    • Renamed addHandler method to setHandler
    • For more information, see the Wreqr changelog
  • Code Cleanup

    • Replaced that = this with the context param of several calls to _.each to clean up the code
    • Removed an unused method from the CompositeView implementation
  • Build process

    • Updated to Grunt v0.4.x
    • Added code coverage and other analysis reports

v1.0.0-rc6 view commit logs

  • CompositeView
    • Corrected the timing of the "before:render" event / onBeforeRender callback, so that it will be called before serializing the data for the model / template

v1.0.0-rc5 view commit logs

  • CollectionView / ItemView
    • Corrected the timing on the "show" event / onShow callback for itemView instances that are added after the CollectionView is in the DOM

v1.0.0-rc4 view commit logs

  • EventBinder

    • BREAKING: Removed Marionette.addEventBinder function.
  • EventAggregator

    • BREAKING: Removed Marionette.EventAggregator object. Use Backbone.Wreqr.EventAggregator instead
  • CollectionView / CompositeView

    • Fixed several issues related to resetting the collection, and producing zombie "empty" views
    • Fixed a bug that caused multiple emptyView instances when resetting the collection
    • Forwarded events from child views are now called with triggerMethod, meaning they trigger the event and call the corresponding "onEventName" method
  • Modules

    • Finalizers now run with the module as the this context
  • Marionette.getOption

    • Fixed support for "falsey" values in an object's options
  • Build process

    • Fixed build process to work on case-sensitive file systems (Linux, for example)

v1.0.0-rc3 view commit logs

  • Updated Backbone v0.9.10

  • Updated jQuery to v1.9.0

    • Fixed a few minor unit test issues w/ jQuery update
  • Read the upgrade guide for upgrading from v1.0.0-rc2 to v1.0.0-rc3

v1.0.0-rc3 view commit logs

  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to read the upgrade guide for upgrading from v1.0.0-rc2 to v1.0.0-rc3

  • Backbone v0.9.9

    • BREAKING: Backbone v0.9.2 is no longer supported
    • Backbone v0.9.9 is now supported
  • Marionette.Async

    • BREAKING: Marionette.Async is no longer supported
  • Backbone.EventBinder / Marionette.EventBinder

    • BREAKING: Marionette.EventBinder / Backbone.EventBinder have been removed entirely.
    • Backbone.Events supercedes the older objects
    • Backbone.Wreqr.EventAggregator also supercedes Marionette.EventBinder
  • EventBinder -> EventAggregator

    • BREAKING: Backbone.Werqr.EventAggregator largely replaces Backbone.EventBinder
    • BREAKING: bindTo has been replaced with listenTo
    • BREAKING: unbindAll has been replaced with stopListening
    • BREAKING: unbindFrom has been removed and will not be replaced
  • Marionette.addEventBinder

    • BREAKING: This function will mix in Backbone.Events to the target object if it does not exist
    • BREAKING: This function will alter the listenTo method of the target to accept a context parameter as the 4th parameter of the method
  • All Views, Controller, etc

    • BREAKING: Backbone.EventBinder is no longer mixed in
    • BREAKING: See 'EventBinder -> EventAggregator' changes regarding method names to use for binding / unbinding events
  • CollectionView

    • Added removeChildView to remove a specific view instance
    • Fixed event handler leak for child views that have been removed
    • Changed the implementation for triggering the "show" event / "onShow" method call, to avoid memory leaks
    • Fixed the index parameter for adding a model to the collection, and getting the view in to the right place
  • All Views

    • BREAKING: The initialEvents method has been removed. Use the initialize method, the collectionEvents or modelEvents configuration instead.
    • Allow modelEvents and collectionEvents to be a function that returns a hash
    • Allow ui configuration to be a function that returns a hash
    • modelEvents and collectionEvents are now delegated / undelegated with Backbone.View's .delegateEvents and .undelegateEvents method calls
    • View triggers now include an args object with args.view, args.model and args.collection
  • Modules

    • Added alternate syntax for specifying startWithParent option
    • Fixed a bug where a module would not be started without an explicit definition for that module (#388 & #400)

v1.0.0-rc2 view commit logs

  • CollectionView / CompositeView

    • *BREAKING: * Changed the item:added event to before:item:added and after:item:added
    • Fixed the onShow callbacks, so they can be used in the initialize method
  • AMD build

    • Fixed the AMD build by adding Backbone.BabySitter to the AMD dependency list
  • All Views

    • All views (include Marionette.View) now have a "dom:refresh" and onDomRefresh event / method triggered

v1.0.0-rc1 view commit logs

  • Fixed IE < 9 support w/ calls to .apply when arguments was null or undefined

  • Module

    • BREAKING: Renamed "initialize:before" event to "before:start", for consistency
    • BREAKING: Renamed "initialize:after" event to "start", for consistency
    • Triggers a "before:stop" event/method before the module is stopped
    • Triggers a "stop" event/method after the module has been stopped
  • Marionette.View

    • BREAKING: The bindBackboneEntityTo method has been removed from Marionette.View and replaced with Marionette.bindEntityEvents function.
  • Marionette.bindEntityEvents

    • This function has been extracted from Marionette.View, and will bind an events hash to the events from an entity (model or collection), using the supplied EventBinder object (or any object with a bindTo method)
  • Marionette.EventBinder

    • The context of the callback method defaults to the object w/ the bindTo method
  • CollectionView / CompositeView

    • The "item:added"/onItemAdded callback method are now fired after an item view has been rendered and added to it's parent collection view
    • The "itemview:" events - events that are forwarded from item views - can now have a custom prefix with the itemViewEventPrefix setting
  • ItemView

    • Added a "dom:refresh" event/callback method that fires after a view has been rendered, placed in the DOM with a Marionette.Region, and is re-rendered
  • All Views

    • The modelEvents and collectionEvents can now have a function configured as the value in the { "event:name": "value" } configuration hash
    • A view that uses bindTo for its own "close" event will have it's close handler called correctly
    • Returning false from the onBeforeClose method will prevent the view from being closed

v1.0.0-beta6 view commit logs

  • CollectionView / CompositeView

    • BREAKING: The .children attribute, used to store child views, is no longer an object literal. It is now an instance of Backbone.ChildViewContainer from Backbone.BabySitter
    • Updated to use Backbone.BabySitter to store and manage child views
  • Controller

    • Added a default close method to unbind all events on the controller instance and controller event binder
    • Trigger a "close"/onClose event/method when closing
    • Fixed initialize method so options parameter is always a valid object
  • Modules

    • Fixed an issue with grand-child modules being defined with a non-existent direct parent, and starting the top level parent directly

v1.0.0-beta5 view commit logs

  • Modules
    • Fixed the startWithParent option so that you only have to specify startWithParent: false once, no matter how many files the module definition is split in to

v1.0.0-beta4 view commit logs

  • CollectionView / CompositeView

    • BREAKING: Changed when the itemViewOptions gets called, in order to simplify the buildItemView method and make it easier to override
    • BREAKING: The storeChild method now requires an instance of the item being rendered, as well as the view that was rendered for it
  • CompositeView / templateHelpers

    • BREAKING: Fixed the CompositeView so that serializeData is no longer responsible for mixing in the templateHelpers
  • Controller

    • Added a very basic Marionette.Controller object, and basic documentation for it
  • Marionette.getOption

    • Added a convience method to get an object's options either from the object directly, or from it's this.options, with this.options taking precedence
    • Converted use of this.options to use Marionette.getOption through most of the code
  • Marionette.createObject

    • Added a convience method to create an object that inherits from another, as a wrapper / shim around Object.create

v1.0.0-beta3 view commit logs

  • Region
    • Fixed "show" method so that it includes the view instance being shown, again

v1.0.0-beta2 view commit logs

  • templateHelpers

    • BREAKING: Changed when the templateHelpers is mixed in to the data for a view, so that it is no longer dependent on the serializeData implementation
  • Region

    • BREAKING: Changed "view:show" event to "show"
    • BREAKING: Changed "view:closed" event to "close"
    • All region events and events that the triggers from a view are now triggered via Marionette.triggerMethod.
  • Marionette.EventAggregator

    • BREAKING: The bindTo method no longer assumes you are binding to the EventAggregator instance. You must specify the object that is triggering the event: ea.bindto(ea, "event", callback, context)
    • Marionette.EventAggregator combines Backbone.Wreqr.EventAggregator with Backbone.EventBinder, allowing the event aggregator to act as it's own event binder
  • CollectionView

    • Fixed bug where adding an item to a collection would not allow the CollectionView to propagate the itemView's events
    • Allow itemViewOptions to be specified in CollectionView constructor options
  • Application

    • The events triggered from the Application object instance are now triggered with corresponding "on{EventName}" method calls
  • Backbone.EventBinder

    • Updated to v0.1.0 of Backbone.EventBinder, allowing for jQuery/DOM events to be handled within the EventBinder instances / bindTo methods
  • AMD Wrapper

    • The "core" AMD wrapper specifies Backbone.Wreqr and Backbone.EventBinder
    • The "standard" AMD wrapper does not specify Backbone.Wreqr / EventBinder, as these are built in
  • Build / downloads

    • The standard and AMD versions of backbone.marionette.js and backbone.marionette.min.js include all dependencies (EventBinder, Wreqr)
    • The "core" versions of backbone.marionette.js and backbone.marionette.min.js do not include any dependencies (EventBinder, Wreqr)

v1.0.0-beta1 view commit logs

  • Backbone.EventBinder

  • Backbone.Wreqr

  • All Views

    • BREAKING: beforeRender method is now onBeforeRender
    • BREAKING: beforeClose method is now onBeforeClose
    • BREAKING: The render method for all Marionette views is bound to the view instance
    • All view events are now triggered with triggerMethod, calling their corresponding method on the view if it exists
    • All views now have an isClosed attribute on them, which is set to true when calling the close() method and reset to false when calling the render() method
    • EventBinder is now attached to the views with the Marionette.addEventBinder method call
  • CompositeView

    • BREAKING: CompositeView will only render a model in to it's template, instead of a model or collection. It will still render the collection as itemView instances.
  • Modules

    • BREAKING: Split module definitions can now receive custom args per module definition, instead of sharing / replacing them across all definitions
  • CollectionView / CompositeView

    • Cleaned up the getItemViewContainer code, and improved the error that is thrown when the specified container element is not found
    • Can attach existing view instance w/ existing DOM element as child of collection view / composite view, in parent's initialize function
    • Fixed a bug where an undefined this.options would prevent child views from being rendered, trying to find the index of the view
  • Layout

    • Allow a Layout to be defined without regions, using Underscore v1.4.x
  • View / ItemView / CompositeView

    • Removed the serializeData method and added directly to ItemView and CompositeView as needed
  • Application

    • Application regions can now be specified as a jQuery selector string, a region type, or an object literal with a selector and type: {selector: "#foo", regionType: MyCustomRegion}
    • added .commands as instance of Backbone.Wreqr.Commands, to facilitate command execution
    • added .execute method for direct command execution
    • added .reqres as instance of Backbone.Wreqr.RequestResponse, to facilitate request/response execution
    • added .request method for direct requesting of a response
  • Marionette.triggerMethod

    • Added Marionette.triggerMethod method to trigger an event and call the corresponding method. For example, view.triggetMethod("before:render") will trigger the "before:render" event and call the onBeforeRender method.
  • Marionette.addEventBinder

    • Added Marionette.addEventBinder method to add all of the Backbone.Wreqr.EventBinder methods to a specified target object
  • Misc

    • Added Marionette.extend as alias to Backbone's extend method for more consistent use
    • jQuery ($) support now works from global $ or window.jQuery
    • Updated to Underscore.js v1.4.1
    • Updated to jQuery v1.8.2

v0.10.2 view commit logs

  • Callbacks

    • Fixed a bug that caused callbacks to fire multiple times after calling reset
  • Layout

    • Fixed a bug that prevented the regions from being re-initialized correctly, when using render as a callback method for an event

v0.10.1 view commit logs

  • Modules
    • Fixed a bug when defining modules in reverse order, that prevented startWithParent from working correctly

v0.10.0 view commit logs

  • Modules

    • BREAKING: Module definition functions are executed immediately and only once, not every time you call start
    • BREAKING: Renamed startWithApp to startWithParent in module definitions
    • BREAKING: Sub-modules rely on the parent module to start them, by default, but can be started manually
    • BREAKING: Sub-modules default to starting with their parent module start
    • BREAKING: Specifying startWithParent: false for a sub-module will prevent the module from being started when the parent starts
    • BREAKING: Specifying startWithParent: false for a top-level module will prevent the module from being started when the parent Application starts
    • BREAKING: When starting a module, sub-modules will be started / initialized before parent modules (depth-first hierarchy traversal)
    • BREAKING: When stopping a module, sub-modules will be stopped / finalized before parent modules (depth-first hierarchy traversal)
    • Fixed: retrieving a module by name (var foo = MyApp.module("Foo");) will not change the module's definition or startWithParent setting
  • CollectionView

    • Allow itemViewOptions to be a function, which recieves the item as an argument
  • Callbacks

    • Added reset method to reset the list of callbacks and allow them to be run again, when needed

v0.9.13 view commit logs

  • CollectionView

    • Fixed bug that prevented "collection:closed" event from being triggered
    • Allow different item view to be rendered for each item in collection by overriding getItemView method
  • CompositeView

    • Allow different item view to be rendered for each item in collection by overriding getItemView method
  • Layout

    • Regions are initialized before prototype constructor, or initialize function are called
  • All Views

  • Build and test

    • Removed all dependencies on Ruby, in favor of NodeJS and Grunt

v0.9.12 view commit logs

  • Moved Marionette.Async to it's own repository
  • De-linted source code
  • Corrected throwing an "Exception" to throwing an "Error"

v0.9.11 view commit logs

  • JamJS Support

    • Updated the package.json file with more detail and support for JamJS.
  • Layout

    • Fixed a global variable leak

v0.9.10 view commit logs

  • ItemView and Layout
    • BREAKING: Removed the default implementation of initialEvents, so that a collection "reset" event won't cause the ItemView or Layout to re-render
  • Build Process
    • Changed from Anvil.js to Grunt.js for the build process

v0.9.9 view commit logs

  • Regions
    • Added a reset method to regions, which closes the open view and deletes the region's cached el

v0.9.8 view commit logs

  • Modules
    • Fixed a bug that ensures modules will start and stop the correct number of times, instead of always stopping immediately after they have been stopped once

v0.9.7 view commit logs

  • Modules

    • Fixed a bug to ensure modules are only started once, no matter how many definitions the module is split in to
  • View Templates

    • Better support for pre-compiled templates - can specify a function as the template setting for a view, and the function will be run as the template, directly.

v0.9.6 view commit logs

  • All Marionette Views
    • Fixed bug that prevented bindTo function and other EventBinder functions from being available in initialize method of views

v0.9.5 view commit logs

  • Layout
    • Fixed a typo / bug in default Region type used for layouts

v0.9.4 view commit logs

  • BindTo -> EventBindings

    • BREAKING: Renamed Marionette.BindTo to Marionette.EventBindings and made it a constructor function instead of an object literal
  • Modules

    • BREAKING: Changed the API of Module.create to be more clear and explicit about app parameter
    • BREAKING: Defer module definition until module is started
    • Modules now have addInitializer method to add initializers
    • Modules can be started (run the initializers) with start method
    • Modules are automatically started when Marionette.Application start method is called
    • App.start sends options to module initializers
    • Modules that are defined (or loaded from external source) afer app is started will auto-start by default
    • Can specify a module is not started with the app, to prevent the module from being started when app.start is called
    • Calling start on a module will start all of the sub-modules for that module
  • CollectionView/CompositeView

    • Correctly handles non-existent collection and removing child item views that were added manually
    • Corrected showing empty view and closing empty view when resetting collection and adding items
    • Fixed bug to prevent showing the empty view more than once when rendering the collection view
  • Application

    • Added a removeRegion method to close / remove regions, as a counter-function to the addRegions method
  • Marionette.View (all views / base view)

    • Can specify a set of ui elements that are cached jQuery selectors
  • Layout

    • An already closed layout can be re-rendered, and the regions will regenerate
    • Allow a custom region type to be specified for all regions, as well as per-region instance

v0.9.3 view commit logs

  • CompositeView

    • Cleaned up the method to get / cache the itemViewContainer
    • Allow itemViewContainer to be a function that return a jQuery selector string
  • View render methods all return this in the standard Marionette views (the async views still return a deferred object).

v0.9.2 view commit logs

  • CompositeView

    • Added itemViewContainer to specify which element children / itemView instances should be appended to
  • CollectionView

    • Now triggers "before:render" and "render" events
  • Region

    • Returns a deferred/promise from the show method, with Marionette.Async
  • Fixed bug in template cache for Marionette.Async

  • Marionette can now be installed with Volo

v0.9.1 view commit logs

  • CollectionView and CompositeView properly close their emptyView instance when an item is added to the view's collection
  • CollectionView and CompositeView will show their emptyView after the last item has been removed from the collection

v0.9.0 view commit logs

  • BREAKING Async Support Removed From Core Marionette

    • Marionette no longer supports asynchronous / deferred rendering in any view, by default
    • Async / deferred rendering are now provided via backbone.marionette.async.js add-on
  • Split the single src/backbone.marionette.js file into multiple files for easier maintenance

  • Marionette.Async:

    • Added Marionette.Async add-on which provides support for rendering and retrieving templates asynchronously
  • Marionette.View:

    • BREAKING Renamed the getTemplateSelector method to getTemplate
    • Call unbindAll to unbind all bound events, later in the close process, so the close event can be listened to
  • ItemView:

    • BREAKING The template attribute no longer allows you to specify a function that returns a jQuery selector. Override getTemplate to do this.
    • BREAKING The renderHtml method has been removed from the ItemView
    • BREAKING Async support removed
  • CollectionView:

    • BREAKING Async support removed
    • Now supports optional emptyView attribute, to specify what view to render when no items exist in the collection
    • Fixed a memory leak for closed item views
    • ItemView is now guaranteed to have it's "onRender" and "onShow" methods called, when rendering the collection and when adding a new item to the collection / rendering the new item view
    • Calls an onItemAdded method when adding an item/item view, just prior to rendering the item view
    • Can now specify an itemViewOptions object literal on your collection view definition, and the data will be passed to each itemView instance as part of the itemView's options
    • The appendHtml method receives a third argument of the itemView's "index" for sorted collections
  • CompositeView:

    • BREAKING When a CompositeView's collection is reset, only the collection will be re-rendered. It will no longe re-render the composite's template/model, just the collection.
    • BREAKING Async support removed
    • (see change list for CollectionView)
  • Layout:

    • BREAKING Regions specified within a layout are now available immediately after creating a layout instance
    • BREAKING Re-rendering a layout will close all regions and reset them to the new DOM elements that were rendered
    • BREAKING Layouts no longer have a .vent event aggregator hanging off them
    • BREAKING Async support removed
  • Region:

    • BREAKING Removed the ability to send a second parameter to a regions' "show" method
    • BREAKING Changed the implementation of Region to allow easier overriding of how the new view is added to the DOM
    • BREAKING Async support removed
  • TemplateCache:

    • BREAKING Moved TemplateCache to object instances instead of single object literal
    • BREAKING Moved the loadTemplate and compileTemplate to TemplateCache.prototype
    • BREAKING TemplateCache.get no longer accepts a callback method. It always returns jQuery promise
  • Renderer:

    • BREAKING Removed the renderHtml method
    • Rendering a pre-compiled template function is now much easier - just override the Renderer.render method.
  • Modules:

    • BREAKING Modules must be defined on an instance of a Marionette.Application, and cannot be defined from another module directly
    • BREAKING Modules no longer allow you to return a custom module object from the module definition function
    • BREAKING Modules no longer allow you to add initializers to them
    • BREAKING Modules no longer have a .vent event aggregator hanging off them
    • Extracted Marionette.Module in to it's own constructor function to be used as modules, instead of Marionette.Application
    • Modules allow you to pass in any arbirary arguments, after the module definition function, and they will be supplied to the module definition function
    • The this argument in a module definition function is now the module itself
  • Callbacks:

    • BREAKING Switched the order of parameters for the run method to args, context
  • BindTo:

    • The unbinding of an event now considers the context parameter when unbinding, allowing multiple handers to be bound to the same event from the same object, and unbinding only one of them

v0.8.4 view commit logs

  • Fixed: A call to .module will correctly pass the Application instance from which .module was called, as the second parameter of the module definition function

v0.8.3 view commit logs

  • Module definitions can be split across multiple files and/or multiple calls to define the module

v0.8.2 view commit logs

  • Views now have the ability to define triggers which will convert a DOM event in to a view.trigger event

v0.8.1 view commit logs

  • Module definition functions will only be applied to the last module in the . chain

v0.8.0 view commit logs

  • Added modules and sub-modules through the Application object


  • An itemView instance as part of a Collection View or Composite View, will have it's events bubbled up through the parent view, prepended with "itemview:" as the event name


  • The onBefore method of ItemView can now return a deferred object
  • Code cleanup for rendering methods


  • Fixed issue with unbindAll in BindTo, that was skipping some items


  • The bindTo method on the EventAggregator now returns a binding configuration object
  • Automatic mixing in of templateMethods as template / view helper methods, in views that use the serializeData function
  • A friendlier error message will be thrown from an appRouter if a route is configured with a method that does not exist on the controller


  • Extracted compileTemplate method in TemplateCache for clarity and easier modification
  • ItemView will wait until onRender has completed before triggering other rendered events
  • Region now supports an onShow method, when defining a custom region
  • Moved the default serializeData method to the base Marionette.View
  • CompositeView now calls the serializeData method to get the model's data for the view
  • BindTo changes:
    • The bindTo method returns a "binding" object so that it can be unbound easily
    • Now has an unbindFrom method that will unbind a binding object


  • ItemView now has a renderHtml method that can be overriden to render the item view's data
  • Region now supports an initialize function when extending a region to your own object type
  • CollectionView correctly defers until all children are rendered
  • Underscore templates are cached as pre-compiled templates, instead of re-compiling them on every render
  • Updating AMD support to also work with CommonJS / NodeJS
  • Correctiong build to include header / license info for all output files
  • Pass JSLint with no warnings (run w/ Anvil.js build process)
  • Removed GZip release files, as they were broken anyways


  • BREAKING: The renderTemplate method has moved from the ItemView prototype on to the Renderer object
  • BREAKING: The appendHtml method of the CollectionView now takes collectionView, itemView as the arguments, instead of el, html
  • Added Marionette.View object, to contain a few basic parts of every Marionette view
  • Added Marionette.Renderer object, to handle template rendering
  • Views correctly trigger the "close" events before unbinding event subscribers
  • Additional CollectionView changes:
    • Extracted getItemView method to retrieve the itemView type, either from this.itemView or this.options.itemView
    • Extracted buildItemView method to build each item's view
    • Renamed removeChildView to removeItemView to make the language consistent
    • Triggers "item:added" event after each item has been added
    • Triggers "item:removed" event after an item has been removed
  • CompositeView changes:
    • No longer takes a modelView. Now directly renders the template specified
    • Defaults to a recurive structure, where itemView is the current composite view type
  • A Region will trigger a show event from any view that it shows
  • Added common "render" event to all the view types
  • Updated to Backbone v0.9.2
  • Updated to jQuery v1.7.2
  • AMD / RequireJS compliant version is provided
  • Now using Anvil.js for builds


  • CollectionView and CompositeView can render without a collection


  • ItemView changes
    • Calls a beforeRender and beforeClose method on the view, if it exists
    • Triggers a item:before:render event, just prior to rendering
    • Triggers a item:before:close and item:closed events, around the view's close method
  • CollectionView changes
    • Calls a beforeRender and beforeClose method on the view, if it exists
    • Triggers a collection:before:render event before rendering
    • Triggers a collection:before:close and collection:closed event, surrounding closing of the view
  • The CollectionView and CompositeView now close child views before closing itself


  • BREAKING: The CollectionView no longer has a reRender method. Call render instead
  • BREAKING: The TemplateCache.get method now returns a plain string instead of a jQuery selector object
  • Fixed a bug with closing and then re-using a Layout with defined regions
  • Fixed a potential race condition for loading / caching templates where a template would be loaded multiple times instead of just once


  • Fixed the composite view so that it renders the collection correctly when the collection is "reset"
  • Fixed the composite view so that it re-renders correctly
  • Fixed various deferred usages to only return promises, instead of the full deferred object


  • BREAKING: Renamed LayoutManager to Layout
  • BREAKING: Renamed RegionManager to Region
  • BREAKING: Renamed TemplateManager to TemplateCache

  • Layout

    • BREAKING: Layout.render no longer returns the view itself, now returns a jQuery deferred object
    • The .vent attribute is now available in the initializer method
    • Ensures that regions select the $el within the Layout's $el instead of globally on the page
    • Initialize the regions before the layout, allowing access to the regions in the onRender method of the layout
    • Close the Layout's regions before closing the layout itself
  • CompositeView

    • BREAKING: CompositeView.render no longer returns the view itself, now returns a jQuery deffered object
    • Will only render the collection once. You can call renderCollection explicitly to re-render the entire collection
    • Will only render the model view once. You can call renderModel explicitly to re-render the model
    • Correctly close and dispose of the model view
    • Triggers various events during rendering of model view and collection view
    • Calls 'onRender' method of composite view, if it exists
  • ItemView

    • BREAKING: ItemView.render no longer returns the view itself, now returns a jQuery deferred object
    • Optimization to only call .toJSON on either model or collection, not both
    • Trigger "item:rendered" method after rendering (in addition to calling onRender method of the view)
  • CollectionView

    • BREAKING: CollectionView.render no longer returns the view itself, now returns a jQuery deferred object
    • Trigger "collection:rendered" method after rendering (in addition to calling onRender method)
  • Large updates to the readme/documentation

  • Heavy use of jQuery.Deferred() and jQuery.when/then to better support asynchronous templates and rendering


  • BREAKING: Renamed CompositeRegion to LayoutManager
  • Aliased CompsiteRegion to LayoutManager for backwards compatibility
  • Bug fix for correctly initializing LayoutManager with specified options in constructor


  • Controller methods fired from an AppRouter are now called with this set to the controller, instead of the router
  • Fixed a bug in the CompositeView where the list wouldn't render when passing in a populated collection


  • BREAKING: Extraced CompositeView out of the collection view
  • Added CompositeView for managing leaf-branch/composite model structures
  • Added CompositeRegion for managing nested views and nested region managers
  • Added attachView method to RegionManager to attach existing view without rendering / replacing
  • Specify how to attach HTML to DOM in region manager's show method


  • Don't re-render an ItemView when the view's model "change" event is triggered


  • Allow RegionManager to be instantiated with an el specified in the options
  • Change how RegionManagers are added to an Application instance, to reduce memory usage from extraneous types


  • AppRouter can have it's controller specified directly in the router definition or in the construction function call
  • Extracted Marionette.EventAggregator out in to it's own explicit object


  • CollectionView closes existing child views before re-rendering itself, when "reset" event of collection is triggered
  • CollectionView now has "initialEvents" method which configures it's initial events
  • ItemView now has "initialEvents" method which configures it's initial events


  • CollectionView renders itself when the view's collection "reset" event is fired
  • ItemView renders itself when the view's model "change" event is fired
  • ItemView renders itself when the view's collection "reset" event is fired


  • Fixed bug with RegionManagers trying to select element before DOM is ready, to lazy-select the element on first use of show


  • BREAKING: Removed the setOptions method from the Callbacks object
  • Refactored Callbacks object to use a jQuery Deferred instead of my own code
  • Fixed template manager's clear so it properly clears a single template, when only one is specified
  • Refactored the RegionManager code to support several new features
    • now support returning a jQuery deferred object from a view's render method
    • now have a close method that you can call to close the current view
    • now trigger a "view:show" and "view:close" event
    • correctly remove reference to previous views, allowing garbage collection of the view
    • now support the bindTo and unbindAll methods, for binding/unbinding region manager events


  • Minor fix to context of template manager callback, to fix issue w/ async template loading


  • BREAKING: Rewrote the template manager to be async-template loading friendly
  • BREAKING: Dropping support for Backbone v0.5.3 and below
  • Added Marionette.Callbacks to manage a collection of callbacks in an async-friendly way
  • Guarantee the execution of app initializer functions, even if they are added after the app has been started.
  • App triggers "start" event after initializers and initializer events
  • Updated to Backbone v0.9.1


  • Make region managers initialize immediately when calling app.addRegions


  • BREAKING: view.el for ItemView and CollectionView is no longer a jQuery selector object. Use view.$el instead
  • BREAKING: regionManger.el is no longer a jQuery selector object. Use regionManager.$el instead
  • Updated to use Backbone v0.9.0
  • Updated to use Underscore v1.3.1
  • Removed default itemView from the CollectionView definition
  • CollectionView now explicitly checks for an itemView defined on it, and throws an error if it's not found


  • Bind the context (this) of application initializer functions to the application object


  • Added AppRouter, to reduce boilerplate routers down to simple configuration
  • CollectionView can be treated as a composite view, rendering an model and a collection of models
  • Now works with either jQuery, Zepto, or enter.js
  • ItemView will throw an error is no template is specified


  • Return this (the view itself) from ItemView and CollectionView render method
  • Call onRender after the CollectionView has rendered itself


  • Fixed global variable leaks
  • Removed declared, but unused variables


  • Fixed binding events in the collection view to use bindTo (#6)
  • Updated specs for collection view
  • Documentation fixes (#7)


  • Added TemplateManager to cache templates
  • CollectionView binds to add/remove and updates rendering appropriately
  • ItemView uses TemplateManager for template retrieval
  • ItemView and CollectionView set this.el = $(this.el) in constructor


  • Added ItemView
  • Added CollectionView
  • Added BindTo
  • Simplified the way extend is pulled from Backbone


  • Initial release
  • Created documentation
  • Generated annotated source code
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