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v0.9.2 - 04.12.2012

  • Add findAndLoad as a convenience method
  • Fix a problem with getAll if different idGenerators were used

v0.9.1 - 21.08.2012

  • Fix uniques to now be completely case-insensitive

v0.9.0 - 06.06.2012

  • setClient/getClient now issue warnings on unconnected clients
  • Bug fixes

v0.9.0-pre3 - 04.03.2012

  • Support for common variants on bool/string/integer/timestamp
  • Bug fixes

v0.9.0-pre - 2012-03-14

  • BREAKS BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY! change relation names for clearer handling ("child" is now "default", "xyzParent" is now "xyzForeign")
  • Added error handler to link/unlink
  • Bug fixes

v0.7.2 - 2012-01-19

  • add .sort()


  • Fix unique handling bugs


  • BREAKS BACKWARDS COMPATIBILTY! change validate() to be async only (validations all need to be async now), also changed validation usage syntax (see docs)
  • add nohm.connect() connect middleware that delivers browser validation js
  • Fix empty strings being locked on unique properties
  • Fix uniques to be case insensitive


  • unique values are now case insensitive when validating or searching
  • now compatible with node v0.6.3
  • now uses nodeunit v0.6.4


  • add Nohm.factory(modelName, [id, callback])
  • update redis dependency to 0.7.1

v0.6.1 & v0.6.2

  • bug fixes


  • changed id generation to unique strings by default (BREAKS BACKWARDS COMPATIBILTY)
  • added ability to choose from different id generation mechanisms (for example incremental or custom functions)
  • added short forms of functions where you don't need to create a new instance first to save/load/find/remove
  • changed this in callbacks to be the instance you manipulated/loaded
  • bug fixes


  • "value" in model properties renamed to "defaultValue"
  • "has()" renamed to "belongsTo()"
  • bug fixes


  • documentation
  • added instance.exists(id, callback)
  • added Nohm.setPrefix(prefix) to set the global redis prefix (default "nohm")
  • added Nohm.setClient(client) & Nohm.getClient() to set/get the global redis client (no default!)
  • removed instance.partialSave()
  • removed admin app (now in
  • bug fixes and code improvements


  • refactored a lot of the code


  • merged admin branch (this adds an optional and very basic admin web interface)
  • a lot of fixes for find and indexes


  • three small changes


  • added numLinks()
  • lots of bugfixes and some semi-internal changes


  • a few bugfixes in uniques, find() and load()


  • expose redis via nohm.redis


  • all basic functionality included
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