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" Vim color file
" vim: tw=0 ts=8 sw=4
" Scriptname: buttercream
" Maintainer: Håkan Wikström <>
" Version: 1.1
" Last Change: 20060413
" As of now only gui is supported
" Based on the theme fog theme by Thomas R. Kimpton <>
set background=light
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name = "buttercream"
" Highlight Foreground Background Extras
hi Normal guifg=#213a58 guibg=#ffffde
hi NonText guifg=LightBlue guibg=#eee9bf gui=bold
hi Comment guifg=#2f8e99
hi Constant guifg=#7070a0
hi Statement guifg=DarkGreen gui=bold
hi identifier guifg=DarkGreen
hi preproc guifg=#408040
hi type guifg=DarkBlue
hi label guifg=#c06000
hi operator guifg=DarkGreen gui=bold
hi StorageClass guifg=#a02060 gui=bold
hi Number guifg=Blue
hi Special guifg=#aa8822
hi Cursor guifg=LightGrey guibg=#880088
hi lCursor guifg=Black guibg=Cyan
hi ErrorMsg guifg=White guibg=DarkRed
hi DiffText guibg=DarkRed gui=bold
hi Directory guifg=DarkGrey gui=underline
hi LineNr guifg=#ccaa22
hi MoreMsg guifg=SeaGreen gui=bold
hi Question guifg=DarkGreen gui=bold
hi Search guifg=Black guibg=#887722
hi SpecialKey guifg=Blue
hi SpecialChar guifg=DarkGrey gui=bold
hi Title guifg=DarkMagenta gui=underline
hi WarningMsg guifg=DarkBlue guibg=#9999cc
hi WildMenu guifg=Black guibg=Yellow gui=underline
hi Folded guifg=DarkBlue guibg=LightGrey
hi FoldColumn guifg=DarkBLue guibg=Grey
hi DiffAdd guibg=DarkBlue
hi DiffChange guibg=DarkMagenta
hi DiffDelete guifg=Blue guibg=DarkCyan gui=bold
hi Ignore guifg=grey90
hi IncSearch gui=reverse
hi ModeMsg gui=bold
hi StatusLine gui=reverse,bold
hi StatusLineNC gui=reverse
hi VertSplit gui=reverse
hi Visual guifg=LightGrey gui=reverse
hi VisualNOS gui=underline,bold
hi Todo guibg=#ccaa22 gui=bold,underline