Possible bug in store.retrieve #34

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Hey, I was just trying to use the retrieve method and ran into a potential issue.

It first does method_missing to get a value and then checks if it is a store, if so it returns the default.

Is that intended?

For instance, I have nested fields, and some of them are supposed to be stores, and instead of getting the value, I get nil because I did not specify a default.

Should it be:

return (val.is_a?(Configatron::Store) && val.nil?) ? default_value : val


vreturn val.nil? ? default_value : val

instead of

return val.is_a?(Configatron::Store) ? default_value : val

Maybe I am misunderstanding the usage of that method. I worked around it by calling method_missing myself and checking for nil.

Thanks for a great library!

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