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MetroAppSite for MVC4 is an off-the-shelf ASP.NET MVC4 project that leverages Twitter Bootstrap and BootMetro to help Windows Store developers craft customizeable, Metro-style websites to help promote their application and meet Windows Store certification requirements.

MetroAppSite is developed and maintained by the engineering team from MarkedUp Analytics.

What's Included

MetroAppSite includes:

  • Metro UI, branding, and Microsoft SurfaceTM smooth screenshot slider.
  • Fully configurable branding and content.
  • Customizeable and extensible UI built with Twitter Bootstrap and BootMetro.
  • Includes privacy policy template, which is required to publish in the Windows Store.
  • Integration points with UserVoice and Google Analytics to help you better manage your app's presence online.

Example MetroAppSites

Here are some sample sites that are currently using MetroAppSite

Configuration Instructions

Fork and clone this repostiory, and then:

  1. Edit the marketing text (features, testimonials, headers, etc...) on Index.cshtml.
  2. Add your own carousel pictures to Index.cshtml. MetroAppSite uses the Twitter Bootstrap photo carousel.
  3. Embed your own [Twitter timeline widget] 5 on Index.cshtml.
  4. Add your own [UserVoice] 4 information in the _userVoiceScriptPartial.cshtml partial view.
  5. Add your own [Google Analytics] 2 information in the _googleAnalyticsScriptPartial.cshtml partial view.
  6. Change the ViewBag.Title property for both your home page and privacy policy in HomeController.cs.
  7. Change the AppDownloadUrl variable in HomeController.cs to be equal to your app's url in the Windows Store.
  8. Add your own marketing terms to meta tags at _Layout.cshtml.
  9. Create your own privacy policy for your app at and replace the contents of the privacy policy on Privacy.cshtml.

This template is based on BootMetro.