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Zero Munge

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What it is

The goal of Zero Munge is to act as a robust replacement for VisualMunge, the automated build tool provided with the SWBF2 mod tools.

It is written in Visual C# for .NET Framework 4.

What it does

At its core, Zero Munge goes through a user-specified list of munge.bat files and executes each one at a time and copies the associated LVL files to the appropriate staging directory.

Zero Munge includes the following features.

  • Sequentially execute a list of munge scripts and any other batch scripts
  • Toggle whether or not certain scripts in the list will be executed
  • Log each script's output in real-time (with timestamps) to a log window and log file
  • Various methods of adding munge scripts to the file list
  • Automatically copy each file's associated LVL file(s) to the appropriate directory
  • Easily create the munge folders/scripts for a side or world
  • Apply the sound munge fix to a project directory
  • Visual interface for modifying which sound folders get munged when sound is munged
  • Save and load different "presets" of the file list's contents
  • Auto-save and auto-load functionality for save files
  • Automatically check for updates and point user to latest release's download page

How to use it

Please see the Getting Started page.