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Courtesy to Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco for the idea.
- Milk
- Double Espresso Ristrotto
- About two strips of American bacon (or streaky bacon if outside the US)
- Maple syrup
1) Fry the bacon in a pan.
2) Take the bacon out of the pan, put it on a paper towel to drain & stay crispy.
3) Pull a double ristrotto shot into an 8 fl oz mug. Your preference on beans and roast, but Intelligentsia Black Cat Original is always a good choice.
4) Microfoam about 4 fl oz of whole milk. You want a consistent wet foam texture throughout, not dry foam on top and warm milk underneith.
5) Wisk 1 tsp of saved bacon grease and 1 tsp maple syrup into the milk microfoam.
6) Free pour microfoam into the mug (which already contains espresso). You're looking for a 2/1 ratio of milk foam to espresso, i.e. 1.75 to 2 fl oz espresso and 4 fl oz milk foam. Pour into the center of the mug, oscillating slightly to mix and form a cremà ring around the rim of the mug.
7) Top with crumbled bacon bits.
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