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Modern CSS Formatter

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stylefmt is a tool that automatically formats CSS according to stylelint rules.

stylefmt'd code is:

  • easier to write : never worry about minor formatting concerns while hacking away.
  • easier to read : when all code looks the same you need not mentally convert others' formatting style into something you can understand.
  • easier to maintain : mechanical changes to the source don't cause unrelated changes to the file's formatting; diffs show only the real changes.
  • uncontroversial : never have a debate about spacing or brace position ever again!

NOTICE: Consider other tools before adopting stylefmt

If you are using stylefmt with stylelint configuration to format according to its rules, you can now use stylelint's --fix option (from v7.11.0) to autofix.

Another on the other hand, prettier supports to format not only JavaScript but also CSS, SCSS and Less code.


  • Supports the latest CSS syntax: Including custom properties, range context for media features, calc() and nesting.
  • Understands CSS-like syntaxes: stylefmt is powered by PostCSS, so it understands any syntax that PostCSS can parse, including SCSS.
  • Works well with stylelint: stylelint is a mighty, modern CSS linter. stylefmt can understand the formatting rules specified in your stylelint configuration file (.stylelintrc).


Future CSS syntax (cssnext)

Input (input.css):

/* custom properties */
:root{--fontSize: 1rem;
  --mainColor       :#12345678;
--highlightColor:hwb(190, 35%, 20%);

/* custom media queries */


/* some var() & calc() */
 line-height: calc(var(--fontSize) * 1.5);
padding: calc((var(--fontSize) / 2) + 1px)}

/* custom media query usage */
@media (--viewport-medium) {
body {font-size: calc(var(--fontSize) * 1.2); }

/* custom selectors */
@custom-selector :--heading h1,h2,h3,    h4,h5,h6;
:--heading { margin-top:0 }

/* colors stuff */
    transition:color 1s;
a:hover{color  :gray(255,50%) }
a:active{color : rebeccapurple }
a:any-link { color:color(var(--highlightColor) blackness(+20%)) }

/* font stuff */
h2 {font-variant-caps:small-caps;
}table{font-variant-numeric: lining-nums;

/* filters */
filter: sepia(.8);}


/* custom properties */
:root {
  --fontSize: 1rem;
  --mainColor: #12345678;
  --highlightColor: hwb(190, 35%, 20%);

/* custom media queries */
@custom-media --viewport-medium (width <= 50rem);

/* some var() & calc() */
body {
  color: var(--mainColor);
  font-size: var(--fontSize);
  line-height: calc(var(--fontSize) * 1.5);
  padding: calc((var(--fontSize) / 2) + 1px);

/* custom media query usage */
@media (--viewport-medium) {
  body {
    font-size: calc(var(--fontSize) * 1.2);

/* custom selectors */
@custom-selector :--heading h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6;

:--heading {
  margin-top: 0;

/* colors stuff */
a {
  color: var(--highlightColor);
  transition: color 1s;

a:hover {
  color: gray(255, 50%);

a:active {
  color: rebeccapurple;

a:any-link {
  color: color(var(--highlightColor) blackness(+20%));

/* font stuff */
h2 {
  font-variant-caps: small-caps;

table {
  font-variant-numeric: lining-nums;

/* filters */
.blur {
  filter: blur(4px);

.sepia {
  filter: sepia(.8);

SCSS syntax

Input (input.scss):

// mixin for clearfix

        @mixin      clearfix    ()      { &:before,
  &:after {
                content:" ";
    display              : table;  }

  &:after        {clear: both;}
       padding:10px;@include        clearfix();}
     .base {  color: red;  }

// placeholder

padding: 12px

@extend      .base;}

      {     @extend            %base;



// mixin for clearfix
@mixin clearfix () {
  &:after {
    content: " ";
    display: table;

  &:after {
    clear: both;

.class {
  padding: 10px;
  @include clearfix();

.base {
  color: red;

// placeholder
%base {
  padding: 12px;

.foo {
  @extend .base;

.bar {
  @extend %base;


$ npm install stylefmt


in Command Line

CLI Help:

$ stylefmt --help
Usage: stylefmt [options] input-name [output-name]


  -b, --config-basedir   Path to the directory that relative paths defining "extends"
  -c, --config           Path to a specific configuration file (JSON, YAML, or CommonJS)
  -d, --diff             Output diff against original file
  -r, --recursive        Format list of space seperated files(globs) in place
  -v, --version          Output the version number
  -h, --help             Output usage information
  -i, --ignore-path      Path to a file containing patterns that describe files to ignore.
  --stdin-filename       A filename to assign stdin input.

stylefmt can also read a file from stdin if there are no input-file as argument in CLI.

$ cat input.css | stylefmt --stdin-filename input.css

in Node.js

var fs = require('fs');
var postcss = require('postcss');
var scss = require('postcss-scss'); // when you use scss syntax
var stylefmt = require('stylefmt');

var css = fs.readFileSync('input.css', 'utf-8');

]).process(css, {
    from: 'input.css',
    syntax: scss
  .then(function (result) {
    result.css; // formatted code

in Task Runners

We can use stylefmt in Grunt, gulp, and Fly.

stylelint rules that stylefmt can handle

stylefmt ❤️ stylelint

stylefmt supports the following stylelint rules:

and we can also format from the other stylelint's configration files or packages (e.g. stylelint-config-standard, stylelint-config-suitcss and so on) using extends property.

Default formatting rules (without stylelint config file)


  • 2 spaces indentation
  • require 1 space between a simple selector and combinator
  • require 1 space between selectors and {
  • require new line after {
  • disallow any spaces between property and :
  • require 1 space between : and values
  • require new line after declarations
  • require ; in last declaration
  • require 1 space between values and !important
  • disallow any spaces between ! and important
  • leave 1 blank line between rules
  • leave 1 blank line between rules in atrules
  • disallow any blank lines between @import

for nested selector syntax

  • leave 1 line between declarations and nested rules


  • require 1 space between @mixin and mixin name
  • require 1 space between mixin name and (
  • require 1 space between @extend and base rules
  • require 1 space between @include and mixin name
  • disallow any spaces between $variable and :
  • require 1 space between : and name of variable

Option projects

Editor plugins

for Task Runners


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015 Masaaki Morishita