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== clearing
The forest road stops here, and the gaps between the trees widen into a
patch of un-forest. The sky above is clear apart from a few harmless clouds.
== hill
A flat, broad hill interrupts the dense-ish forest here. Only grass and
small bushes grow on the hill.
== chamber
This is a cramped space just inside the hidden opening in the hill. The
sun gets in enough to illuminate the place. There are some scribblings on
the wall.
== hall
It's hard to believe that this kind of room can fit under a hill. It's tall,
long, and quite spacious. Hieroglyphs adorn all four of the walls. The
floor slants a bit.
== cave
This is a perfectly cylindrical chamber. An oversized fire-pit takes up most
of the floor space in the middle of the room. Ancient runes run along the
circumference of the wall. It's hot and stuffy.
== crypt
The air is stale and smells a bit metallic. Three impenetrable sarcophagi
sit next to each other on the floor. On the walls are numerous finely
inscribed ideograms.
== flashlight
The flashlight, a trusty Flexmann 520, has been serving you for countless
== rope
The rope is 5 meters and 31 centimeters long. It's twined together from
sturdy fiber of some kind.
== car
Small, kind of old, and beginning to rust. But it still gets you places.
== grass
It's lustrous and, you know, green.
== bushes
Those are some seriously uninteresting bushes.
== door
It's made of stone but covered with dirt and grass on top.
== trees
Autumn trees are just so lovely. They look like they're just about to drop
all their leaves -- red, yellow, brown ones -- to the ground.
== leaves
They look like the kind of leaves that would love a good rustle.
== sign
It says "LEAVE " with big, scrawly lettering. Maybe a warning or a threat.
On closer inspection, though, it looks like there might once have been one
more letter at the end, but it has since been worn away.
== basket
It's fixed to the ground under the sign. For some reason it reminds you of
objects used during religious ceremonies for offerings of different kinds.
== remark:car-full-of-leaves
Great. Now your car is full of leaves.
== remark:door-under-grass
You discover a door in the hill, under the thick grass!
== remark:passageway-opens-up
The ground rumbles and shakes a bit.
A passageway opens up to the south, into the caverns.
== remark:floor-reveals-hole
The whole floor tips, and reveals a hole beneath the wall.
== remark:floor-hides-hole
The whole floor tips back, hiding the hole again.
== remark:bare-hands-carry-water
Your bare hands aren't very good at carrying water.
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