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mate-panel-applet: setup_x_error_handler for in-process applets too
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This is for the tray: GtkPlug/GtkSocket widgets are used to embed tray icons (GtkStatusIcons) in the tray even if the tray is in-process and does not use the plug/socket widgets to be itself embedded in the panel
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lukefromdc authored and raveit65 committed Jul 28, 2018
1 parent a673336 commit ae885fb
Showing 1 changed file with 6 additions and 4 deletions.
10 changes: 6 additions & 4 deletions libmate-panel-applet/mate-panel-applet.c
Expand Up @@ -2299,10 +2299,12 @@ _mate_panel_applet_factory_main_internal (const gchar *factory_id,
g_return_val_if_fail(callback != NULL, 1);
g_assert(g_type_is_a(applet_type, PANEL_TYPE_APPLET));

if (out_process)
/*Use this both in and out of process as the tray applet always uses GtkSocket
*to handle GtkStatusIcons whether the tray itself is built in or out of process


closure = g_cclosure_new(G_CALLBACK(callback), user_data, NULL);
factory = mate_panel_applet_factory_new(factory_id, out_process, applet_type, closure);
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