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Preferred Install: Use CPAN to get dependencies installed,
and then use git checkout (same tagged version as CPAN if you wish)
for running instances.
With that in mind here is an install approach:
* elasticsearch OR mongodb
* git
STEP 1: Copy mojito.conf to mojito_local.conf (in lib/Mojito/conf/ directory)
REASON: When you checkout from git again mojito_local.conf will not be overwritten,
thus custom configs are preserved.
STEP 2: Edit mojito_local.conf
* set static_url path (e.g. apache/nginx create an alias to the location of files/
from your Mojito checkout
* set git repo to a path where the owner of the mojito web app process can write (www-data?)
STEP 3: Run: perl -Ilib script/
REASON: add a user (or more) to the authentication database (mojito.users collection).
These users will be able to login and make edits. In, addition, their info
will be used in the git commits (user, email).
STEP 4: Choose which web framework(s) you want to run Mojito under. The choices are:
* Web::Simple
* Dancer
* Mojo
* Tatsumaki
See app/ for the different app versions. You will need to install the frameworks you choose
before you can run Mojtio. e.g. say you want to run Mojito using Tatsumaki, then in order to
you first need to install Tatsumaki:
cpanm Tatsumaki
Same goes for Web::Simple, Dancer and Mojolicious Frameworks.
STEP 5: Fire up the app of choice
plackup -Ilib -s Starman app/