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Build and export Xcode projects with Grunt

NB. recently did a complete rewrite of this plugin, please see blog post: grunt-xcode v2


$ npm install grunt-xcode --save-dev


require('load-grunt-tasks')(grunt); // npm install --save-dev load-grunt-tasks

    xcode: {
        options: {
          project: '/path/to/my/awesome/App/App.xcodeproj',
          scheme: 'Release'

grunt.registerTask('default', ['xcode']);


Coming soon.


default type description
clean true Boolean Clean project before building
export true Boolean Export the project after building/archiving
project '' String Project (.xcodeproj) file to use to build app
configuration '' String Configuration used to build('Debug' or 'Release' in most projects)
Available configurations for a project can be listed with $ xcodebuild -list
workspace '' String Workspace (.xcworkspace) file to use to build app, scheme must be passed along with workspace
scheme '' String Scheme used to build app
allTargets true Boolean Will by default build all targets in project.
If allTargets is false and no target option is passed, the first available target will be built.
target '' String Build the target specified, by default will build all available targets - see allTargets option.
Available targets for a project can be listed with $ xcodebuild -list
archivePath '' String Path to archive the build to (useful for saving DSYM etc.)
If nothing is provided a temp directory will be created and removed after completion.
exportFormat 'IPA' String Valid formats are IPA (iOS archives only), PKG (Mac archives only), and APP.
exportPath process.cwd() String Path to exported IPA file. Defaults to current directory
exportFilename 'export.ipa' String Filename of the exported IPA file.
exportProvisioningProfile '' String Profilename of the provisioning profile to be used when exporting the archive.
exportSigningIdentity '' String Identityname of the application signing identity to be used when exporting the archive.
If possible, this may be inferred from exportProvisioningProfile.
If nothing is specified the signing identity used to create the archive will be used.
exportInstallerIdentity '' String Identityname of the installer signing identity to be used when exporting the archive.
If possible, this may be inferred from exportProvisioningProfile or exportSigningIdentity
arch '' String Build with specified architecture
sdk '' String Passed as [<sdkfullpath> | <sdkname>] when building the project
Available SDKs can be listed with $ xcodebuild -showsdks



In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using Grunt.


MIT © Matias Singers