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keygenlib.js 1.0.1 Latest version

Install from the command line:
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$ npm install @matiboux/keygenlib.js@1.0.1
Install via package.json:
"@matiboux/keygenlib.js": "1.0.1"

About this package

KeyGenLib.js v1.0.1

KeyGenLib.js is an open source password generator JavaScript library.
This software has been initially made for the KeyGen Windows App.

Start using it

Download the latest release of KeyGenLib.js and enjoy generating your own keygens!

Wondering how to get started? Here's an example code:

// This example uses the default settings:
var KeygenParameters = {
	numeric: true,
	lowercase: true,
	uppercase: true,
	special: false,
	length: 12,
	redundancy: true

const KeyGen = new KeyGenLib(KeygenParameters);
const keygen = KeyGen.generateKeygen();

console.log(keygen); // Print the generated keygen


Copyright (c) 2017-2020 Matiboux (Mathieu Guérin) (
You'll find a copy of the MIT LICENSE in the LICENSE file.

Additional notes:

  • The term « KeyGen » stands for the random password generator service.
  • The noun « keygen(s) » stands for the generated passwords.


Check out the KeyGen Windows 10 App! View the project on Github.
Also have a look at the original KeyGen web project!


  • @matiboux matiboux
  • February 07, 2020
  • MIT License

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