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#!/usr/bin/env python3
from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
import os
from data import H, W
import numpy as np
import util as u
# TODO: add opts
# generate synthetic toy data where each frame is it's own colour.
for frame_num, colour in enumerate(['#ff0000', '#ffff00', '#00ff00',
'#00ffff', '#0000ff', '#ff00ff']):
for run_id in range(2):
for camera_id in range(5):
output_dir = "imgs/00_rgb/c%02d/r%02d/" % (camera_id, run_id)
img ='RGB', (W, H), (0, 0, 0))
canvas = ImageDraw.Draw(img)
# choose rectangle of min size
rectangle_area = 0
while rectangle_area < 1000:
x0, x1 = np.random.randint(0, W, size=2)
y0, y1 = np.random.randint(0, H, size=2)
rectangle_area = np.abs((x1-x0) * (y1-y0))
print("frame_num", frame_num, "rectangle_area", rectangle_area)
canvas.rectangle([x0,y0,x1,y1], fill=colour)"%s/f%03d.png" % (output_dir, frame_num))
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