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This page is under development.

Thank you for contributing to this project.

Ways to help

You can:

  • contribute a whole lesson (described in detail below)
  • suggest changes to a lesson by raising a new issue
  • point out an error or bug by raising a new issue

More generally you can help people learn by creating your own Swirl course and contributing it to the Swirl Course Network, or you can share it via GitHub, DropBox, Google Drive, as a zip file, or as a standalone .swc file.

Contribute a whole lesson

  1. Install the {swirl} and {swirlify} packages ({swirlify} was built specifically to help people make Swirl courses)
  2. Create a new lesson (copy another lesson folder or run swirlify::new_lesson() from the folder that contains tidyswirl/)
  3. Modify lesson.yaml in your lesson folder (edit by hand or use swirlify::swirlify() for the interactive Shiny GUI)

Leave an issue if you have any problems.

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