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Matter Labs' ZK Rollup
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FRANKLIN: Matter Labs' Rollup: commit-chain driven by SNARKs



Prepare dev environment prerequisites: see docs/

Setup local dev environment

First-time setup:

franklin init

To completely reset the dev environment:

  • Stop services: franklin dev-down
  • Remove mounted container data: rm -rf ./volumes
  • Repeat the setup procedure above

(Re)deploy db and contraсts:

franklin redeploy

Environment configurations

Env config files are held in etc/env/

List configurations:

franklin env

Switch between configurations:

franklin env <ENV_NAME>

Monitoring & management:

Seed for Metamask: fine music test violin matrix prize squirrel panther purchase material script deal Geth: geth attach http://localhost:8545

NOTE: if you are resetting geth, each Metamask account must be manually reset via Settings > Advanced > Reset account.

Blockscout (local blockchain explorer)

It generates quite some CPU load, but might be useful to visualize blockchain activity. Use with caution.

  • Migrate blockscout (do this once to setup database): franklin blockscout-migrate

  • Start: franklin blockscout-up

  • Stop: franklin blockscout-down

Blockscout will be available at http://localhost:4000/txs

Build and run server + prover locally:

franklin server
franklin prover
franklin client

Client UI will be available at http://localhost:8080

Start server and prover as local docker containers:

  • Start: franklin start

  • Watch logs: franklin logs

  • Stop: franklin stop

Build and push images to dockerhub:

franklin push


Database migrations

  • cd core/storage
  • Add diesel migration
  • Rename core/storage/ to
  • Run tests: franklin db-tests

Generating keys

To generate a proving key, from server dir run:

cargo run --release --bin read_write_keys

It will generate a *VerificationKey.sol and *_pk.key files for 'deposit', 'exit' and 'transfer' circuits in the root folder.

Move files to proper locations:

mv -f n*VerificationKey.sol ./contracts/contracts/
mv -f *_pk.key ./prover/keys/

If the pregenerated leaf format changes, replace the EMPTY_TREE_ROOT constant in contracts/contracts/PlasmaStorage.sol.


Re-build contracts:

cd contracts; yarn build

IMPORTANT! Generated .abi and .bin files are fed to cargo to build module plasma::eth.

So you need to rebuild the code on every change (to be automated).

Publish source code on etherscan

franklin flatten source
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