a fast newline (or any delimiter) splitter stream - like require('split') but specific for binary data
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Split streams of binary data. Similar to split but for Buffers. Whereas split is String specific, this library never converts binary data into non-binary data.


How fast is it?

On a SSD w/ a Haswell i5 1.3ghz CPU and 4GB RAM reading a 2.6GB, 5.2 million entry line delimited JSON file takes 15 seconds. Using split for the same benchmark takes 1m23s.

Example usage

var split = require('binary-split')

.on('data', function (line) {



Returns a stream. You can .pipe other streams to it or .write them yourself (if you .write don't forget to .end).

The stream will emit a stream of binary objects representing the split data.

Pass in the optional splitOn argument to specify where to split the data. The default is your current operating systems EOL sequence (via require('os').EOL).

For more examples of usage see test.js.


binary-split is only possible due to the excellent work of the following collaborators: