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browser editor for code that gets 'compiled' on the server with node and run on the client
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uses browserify-cdn to run node code in an iframe

requires a hosted browserify-cdn

npm install browser-module-sandbox


var Sandbox = require('browser-module-sandbox')



var sandbox = Sandbox({
  name: iframe name attribute,
  cdn: 'http://localhost:8000', // browserify-cdn API endpoint, defaults to the current browser domain root,
  container: dom element where the iframe should be appended,
  iframeHead: string that gets prepended to the `<head>` of the output iframe,
  iframeBody: string that gets prepended to the `<body>` of the output iframe,
  iframeStyle: string for css, gets appended to end of iframeHead,
  iframeSandbox: array of capability flag strings,
  iframe: iframe instance, default creates a new one inside container


sandbox.bundle(entry, preferredVersions)

sandbox.bundle('console.log(require("underscore"))', {'underscore': '1.3.3'})

preferredVersions is optional, version will otherwise default to latest


sandbox.on('modules', function(modules) {})

modules is the array of modules that gets parsed out of the bundle entry by the detective module

sandbox.on('bundleStart', function() {})

emits when the bundle request begins

sandbox.on('bundleContent', function(body) {})

emits when the iframe content is being built, body is a string made up of all the bundles (NOTE: it doesn't contain entry)

sandbox.on('bundleEnd', function(html) {})

emits when the bundle request finishes. html is an object that has the iframe header contents and the full bundle body (made of up all the bundles + the entry in an executable form)



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