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Vivus hacks

Some tricks about Vivus are very interesting and might help you but doesn't have their place in the documentation. So you will see them here.

Animate fill with CSS

On inline SVG, it's very easy to animate fill color with just a bit of CSS.

Let's imagine you have an inline SVG element in your page with the ID mySVG. You apply the following CSS to make it with fill opacity to 0 by default, and a class with the opacity of 1 (with transition). Then once the animation finished, the class can be added to the svg.

/* Style */
#mySVG * {
  fill-opacity: 0;
  transition: fill-opacity 1s;

#mySVG.finished * {
  fill-opacity: 1;
/* JavaScript */
new Vivus('mySVG', {}, function (obj) {

WARNING: This hack cannot work on sandboxed solutions like the use of object tag.

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