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/* fold.h */
/* Copyright 2000 by Steve Kirkendall */
typedef struct fold_s
struct fold_s *next;
MARK from; /* start of first line */
MARK to; /* end of last line, inclusive */
CHAR *name; /* displayed name of the fold */
} *FOLD;
/* These are used as the "flags" parameter of foldbyrange(). You can OR these
* together in any combination.
#define FOLD_NOEXTRA 0x00 /* just exact & overlapping folds */
#define FOLD_INSIDE 0x01 /* also folds wholly inside the range */
#define FOLD_OUTSIDE 0x02 /* also folds which wholly include the range */
#define FOLD_NESTED 0x04 /* also folds nested inside other folds */
#define FOLD_TOGGLE 0x10 /* action: unfold/refold the found FOLDs */
#define FOLD_DESTROY 0x20 /* action: delete the found FOLDs */
#define FOLD_TEST 0x40 /* action: do nothing, just detect the FOLDs */
extern FOLD foldalloc P_((MARK from, MARK to, CHAR *name));
extern void foldadd P_((FOLD fold, ELVBOOL infold));
extern RESULT foldbyname P_((BUFFER buf, CHAR *name, ELVBOOL infold));
extern RESULT foldbyrange P_((MARK from, MARK to, ELVBOOL infold, int flags));
extern FOLD foldmark P_((MARK mark, ELVBOOL infold));
extern void foldedit P_((MARK from, MARK to, MARK dest));
#endif /* defined(FEATURE_FOLD) */