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Support for search? #7

davidw opened this Issue April 22, 2009 · 2 comments

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David N. Welton Michael Bleigh
David N. Welton

I had a dig through the code, and a number of things indicate that twitter's search methods are not supported. For instance, the base_url is, whereas the search API says that it's necessary to use


Michael Bleigh

The Search API doesn't require authentication so I haven't worked in any support for it yet. You can just make straight up calls to the API like this:

require 'open_uri'
require 'json'

def twitter_search(query)

That's a simple example, but it works. I will be adding Twitter Search support as an eventual result of #1 because I will be integrating search into my TwitterDispatch gem. Hope that helps.

Michael Bleigh
mbleigh commented May 08, 2009

This will be implemented once Grackle is integrated into TwitterAuth.

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