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The official web2py book

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

Read the book online

The gitbub repo includes code and sources. The book sources are in the sources folder. You can contribute to the book by submitting patches.

Notes to translators

Install GIT with

git clone

Check what has changed since verison 4 of the book:

git diff -r 5a78edad03160fff97836b8a8d93d185b34d378d sources/29-web2py-english/

Implement the changes under the proper book source. The book is in the markmin syntax. Images are incuded with the sytnax

[[image @///image/key width:200px]]

where "image" is a label "key" is the name of a file under the sources/*/images/ folder.

References are added with


Where "key" is the name of a file under the sources/*/references/ folder. Look at existing references for format.

Index entries are added with


They are used to build the printable book index.

Once done submit patch as a pull request on github or email the author.

Translator agreement

If you plan to help with the book translation please contact me we can reach an agreement about copyright and distribution.

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