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This module provides a means to load and play sound effects through SDL2_mixer.
// See tt.gfx for explanations of the imports.
import core.runtime;
import std.path;
import std.string;
import derelict.sdl2.sdl;
import derelict.sdl2.mixer;
// This is imported because I want to catch any DerelictExceptions thrown by
// DerelictSDL2Mixer.load. When working with DerelictExceptions, this is what
// you need.
import derelict.util.exception;
enum Sound
string _audioPath;
Mix_Chunk*[Sound.max + 1] _sounds;
bool _active;
void audioInit()
// Here, unlike in tt.gfx.gfxInit, I'm catching any DerelictExceptions thrown on load.
// SDL2_mixer is not essential to the running of the program. If it fails to load, the
// program will still go on, just without audio. So, I'm catching the exception and
// swallowing it. It's perfectly feasible to just catch Exception rather than
// DerelictException, then I wouldn't need the util import above. If I weren't eating
// this one, that's exactly what I would do. But, on the off chance that another
// type of Exception propagates up from Derelict.load, I don't want to eat that one.
catch(DerelictException de)
if(SDL_InitSubSystem(SDL_INIT_AUDIO) < 0)
if(Mix_OpenAudio(22050, MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT, 2, 32) < 0)
// The audio system is initialized, so the _active flag can safely be set. An exercise for
// the reader could be to make it possible for the user to activate/deactivate audio
// via the keyboard.
_active = true;
// This is the same ting I did in tt.gfx.gfxInit, where I explain what's going on.
_audioPath = dirName(Runtime.args[0]) ~ "/audio/";
auto filePath = _audioPath ~ "buzzer.wav";
_sounds[Sound.Buzzer] = Mix_LoadWAV(filePath.toStringz());
filePath = _audioPath ~ "click.wav";
_sounds[Sound.Click] = Mix_LoadWAV(filePath.toStringz());
void audioTerm()
// audioTerm is always called, even if the shared library was never loaded. This
// check ensures that any Mix_* functions called here were actually loaded. Without
// this, the calls below could potentially be using null funciton pointers, which
// would cause a crash when the game exits.
if(!DerelictSDL2Mixer.isLoaded) return;
foreach(sound; _sounds)
_sounds[] = null;
_active = false;
void play(Sound sound)
// Only attempt to play a sound if the audio system is active *and* the sound has been loaded.
if(_active && _sounds[sound])
Mix_PlayChannel(-1, _sounds[sound], 0);