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Wallbreaker Easy

0CTF/TCTF 2019 Web 157
Writeup by Payload, KAIST GoN


Imagick is a awesome library for hackers to break `disable_functions`.

So I installed php-imagick in the server, opened a `backdoor` for you.

Let's try to execute `/readflag` to get the flag.

Open basedir: /var/www/html:/tmp/{{some hash}}

Hint: eval($_POST["backdoor"]);

Look up

As problem says, we have to bypass disable_functions and get a code execution to run /readflag

It may be related LD_PRELOAD injection like l33t-hoster or any GhostScript vulnerabilites(like TokyoWesterns CTF Slack Emoji Converter / SECCON GhostKingdom) . So let's check same strategy is available first. Send backdoor=phpinfo(); will tell us what functions are disabled.

Before start, method 'POST' is bothering me. So I attached following HTML.

<form method="POST">
    <textarea name="backdoor"></textarea>
    <button type="submit">Send!</button>

Below is disable_functions in phpinfo(). Disabled Functions


All system functions(shell_exec, system, ...) are disabled, and both mail() and imap_open() which are famous disable_functions bypass methods are also disabled. However, as we guessed first, putenv() which make LD_PRELOAD injection available is not disabled. So, it'll be key!

In addition, functions for file read/write (file_put_contents, file_get_contents, ...) are not blocked, we can upload our arbitrary files.

Imagick executes binaries

Problem said Imagick is installed, and we also can check the Imagick in phpinfo. Imagick

Installed Imagick has latest version which already patched GhostScript vulnerability. Thus, I thought it's not about GhostScript RCE vulnerabilities.

To make LD_PRELOAD injection, php must run binary via execve after we call putenv(). I checked various Imagicks features using strace.

I tested opening various type using Imagicks. Image formats(.jpg, .png, ...) are processed in PHP, not executes any other binaries. However, when user tries to open non-image formats(.pdf, .ps,.eps, ...) in Imagick, it calls /usr/bin/gs to process the files. Thus, these will be trigger our injected library.

Not Authorized However, .pdf and other ghostscript formats are disabled as default, it doesn't run the gs. So, we have to fake it.

Wow! After some experiments, valid .eps file isn't authorized and don't run gs. But, invalid .eps file doesn't thorw the error. Also, strace shows it runs /usr/bin/gs normally. Wow!!

Great, we found a vulnerability.


As I did in past, it's easy to build a injecting library. I made a library to open reverse shell by compiling my bypass.c. To run our library, we have to 3 steps.

  1. Listening reverse shell
  2. Upload, bypass.eps(invalid eps)
  3. Open bypass.eps using Imagick

I made up the python script to do, finally I could got a reverse shell.

I got a shell


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