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This plugin allows the creation of a video/audio playlist.

The following table described the components that can be used with this plugin, and the keyword to be used on the features array configuration.

Component Keyword Description
Playlist playlist REQUIRED; The main plugin that builds the playlist
Previous Track prevtrack OPTIONAL; Control to go to the previous playlist item
Next Track nexttrack OPTIONAL; Control to go to the next playlist item
Loop loop OPTIONAL; Control to loop the current media
Shuffle shuffle OPTIONAL; Control to shuffle the playlist

NOTE: If you plan to use Loop, it is strongly recommended NOT to use the standalone version of Loop included in the project.

Keyword to use it

features: [..., 'playlist', 'nexttrack', 'prevtrack', 'shuffle', 'loop']


Parameter Type Default Description
playlist array [] List to be played; the array consists in a series of objects that MUST include the src and title attributes; other possible items: data-playlist-thumbnail, type, description. If its empty, it will search for all the source elements within the video/audio tags
showPlaylist boolean true Whether or not to display the playlist; if so, a button to toggle the playlist will be displayed
autoClosePlaylist boolean false If set to true, the playlist container will hide once user selects an item
prevText string null Title for Previous button for WARIA purposes
nextText string null Title for Next button for WARIA purposes
loopText string null Title for Loop button for WARIA purposes
shuffleText string null Title for Shuffle button for WARIA purposes
playlistTitle string null Title for Playlist button for WARIA purposes
currentMessage string null Message ONLY for audio, prepended to the title of media (i.e., Now playing)
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