Installing libopus

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Discord uses the Opus codec for compressing audio data, so if your voice bot plays files that need to be transcoded (i. e. any file format that's not DCA), you'll need to install libopus to do that transcoding.


You should be able to simply use the libopus binaries provided by your distro's package manager. On Debian-based systems the package should be libopus0, on Arch opus/lib32-opus, and so on.


The installation is a little bit more complicated on Windows, but it should be manageable. First, go to the official Opus downloads page and download the latest Windows binaries (not the source) of opusfile. In the downloaded zip file you should find a file called libopus-0.dll. Copy that to any folder Ruby can find it in, for example the folder where you run your bot from, and rename it to opus.dll.

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