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Documentation restore
app-admin fix opencl and cuda ebuilds
app-arch/lz4 fix Copyright
app-benchmarks fix Copyright
app-dicts fix app-dicts/myspell-ky-0.1.0
app-doc rm ChangeLog
app-editors bibletime-9999 package
app-misc remove app-misc/task in main tree now
app-office/mytetra drop support
app-portage keyworded app-portage/portconf with ~arm as it worksforme
app-text add goldendict live ebuild
dev-cpp new
dev-embedded/stlink fix Copyright
dev-lang/erlang fix Copyright 2
dev-libs update
dev-ml add another ebuild for prev commit
dev-python/pythonmagick dev-python/pythonmagick
dev-util update to compile with gcc5
eclass QA fix for brothermechanic
games-action/jjffe repoman'd things up
games-misc/fortune-mod-lorquotes fix Copyright
games-roguelike added games-roguelike/angband
gnome-extra added purple-vk-plugin and gnome-shell-extensions-mediaplayer
kde-base/dolphin-dropbox-plugin dropped, use dolphin-dropbox-plugin instead
kde-misc add upstream kfilebox ebuild
licenses QA: mirrors
lxde-base maintainers
mail-client/alpine fix Copyright
media-gfx add alembic library!
media-libs add new version by perestoronin
media-plugins problem with synth blender version and it's addons
media-sound comment epatch
media-tv add popcorn player
media-video drop lightworks support and add freecad ebuild
metadata media-video/acestream-player-data-2.0.8-r1: add dep media-libs/libmpcdec
net-dns/avahi fix Copyright
net-im net-im/jitsi-bin-2.8 version bump (also set EAPI to 5)
net-libs fix Copyright 2
net-misc add from jorgicio
net-p2p/acestream-engine net-p2p/acestream-engine: gtk use
profiles fix Copyright 2
sci-electronics/kicad kicad: fix rev
sci-geosciences/googleearth fix Copyright
sci-libs update
sci-mathematics fix Copyright
sys-apps fix Copyright
sys-boot upd efivar, due to bug52.
sys-fs add google drive support ebuilds
sys-kernel UPD liquorix-sources
www-apps/ikiwiki upd ikiwiki
www-client/firefox www-client/firefox-29.0.1: version bump
www-misc/httraqt fix Copyright
www-plugins fix Copyright
x11-apps rm ChangeLog
x11-libs x11-libs/gtk+-2.24.23-r1: fix for #489000
x11-misc fix
x11-plugins added purple-vk-plugin and gnome-shell-extensions-mediaplayer
x11-terms fix dep and call qmake properly
x11-themes add new ebuilds
x11-wm rm ChangeLog
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