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New PAT-FetLife spreadsheet database since Google supports rapists.

Google flagged the PAT-FetLife spreadsheet database as "inappropriate"
and revoked its "sharing" permission, effectively censoring survivors of
sadomasochistic rapes from communicating with one another. Such
survivor-to-survivor communication is the explicit purpose of the
Predator Alert Tool suite of browser plugins, which depend on Google's
Spreadsheets service to share data between one another in a way that the
social networks in question cannot censor (which they have done).

It is unfortunate that a company like Google considers rape survivors to
be doing something "inappropriate" when they try to warn their peers
that they have been sexually abused in an effort to prevent others from
falling victim to predators.

Please consider voicing your displeasure at Google's explicit pro-rape
stance on this issue in whatever way you can. Google can be reached here
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meitar committed Feb 24, 2016
1 parent 276a8c5 commit 6b1968089db3b472e67119a655cfa4c1ea7835fc
Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 fetlife-age-sex-location-search.user.js
@@ -1152,8 +1152,8 @@ FL_ASL.main = function () {
FAADE = {};
'debug': false, // switch to true to debug.
'gdocs_key': '1yrQprLmi5yanOwn1tLEAnhAGjOA4mx0RpcTLhSMleeE',
'gform_key': 'dGNVT1kzSzFnOXhHRjh1RnczZVVmMXc6MQ',
'gdocs_key': '1xJDW-i4oqfCKN02KmOJi8uORiV-xRtw0erXWOw50mOo',
'gform_key': '1Zpmq4ZgrcUMAcDHgfT4ne_eAq71IKnONIbrQNfCP8gs',
'gdocs_development_key': '1z53rFX1g0E8DzuyXfyDrK9N1E3D-YFGvyFktqnHpLII',
'gform_development_key': 'dGxjMUhyR0FzLWJicHNXUFdxckFEQWc6MQ',
@@ -1615,9 +1615,9 @@ FAADE.createAbuseReportLink = function (id, nick) {
var a = document.createElement('a');
a.setAttribute('class', 'faade_report_link');
a.setAttribute('target', '_blank');
var href = '' + FAADE.getReportFormKey();
href += '&entry_0=' + id;
href += '&entry_1=' + nick;
var href = '' + FAADE.getReportFormKey() + '/viewform';
href += '&entry_2952262=' + id;
href += '&entry_1000001=' + nick;
a.setAttribute('href', href);
a.innerHTML = '(report a consent violation by ' + nick + ')';
return a;

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