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export BOAR_CACHEDIR=`mktemp --tmpdir=/tmp/ -d "boar_tests_cache_XXXXX"`
export BOAR_SERVER_CLI="`pwd`/boar"
export PYTHON_BINARY=$(head -n1 $BOAR_SERVER_CLI|cut -d ' ' -f2)
test -e || { echo "This command must be executed in the boar installation top dir"; exit 1; }
test ! -e || { echo "ERROR: dedup module must not be installed for these tests"; exit 1; }
# Test WITHOUT deduplication
for unittest in tests/test_*.py blobrepo/tests/test_*.py; do
echo "Excuting $unittest (cachedir $BOAR_CACHEDIR)"
BOAR_SKIP_DEDUP_TESTS=1 $PYTHON_BINARY $unittest || { echo "Unittest $unittest failed"; exit 1; }
echo "Executing local macro tests without deduplication"
BOAR_SKIP_DEDUP_TESTS=1 BOAR_TEST_REMOTE_REPO=0 macrotests/ || { echo "Macrotests (local) failed"; exit 1; }