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A low-level, portable graphics library for .NET.
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Veldrid is a cross-platform, graphics API-agnostic rendering and compute library for .NET. It provides a powerful, unified interface to a system's GPU and includes more advanced features than any other .NET library. Unlike other platform- or vendor-specific technologies, Veldrid can be used to create high-performance 3D applications that are truly portable.

Supported backends:

  • Direct3D 11
  • Vulkan
  • Metal
  • OpenGL 3
  • OpenGL ES 3

Veldrid documentation site

Gitter chat

Veldrid is available on NuGet:


Pre-release versions of Veldrid are also available from MyGet:


Build instructions

Veldrid uses the standard .NET Core tooling. Install the tools and build normally (dotnet build).

Run the NeoDemo program to see a quick demonstration of the rendering capabilities of the library.

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