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MelliHealth Project Roadmap

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“we protect what we love, we love what marvels us” said Jacques Cousteau. We offer beekeepers tools to protect their bees and to continue to marvel.

While saving the bees is too big a mission for us, we believe however, that we can provide citizens with effective tools to contribute to the endeavour: Aggregating individual experiences to fight pollinator decline is possible.

  • helping beekeepers to make informed decisions saves the bees.
  • converting citizens to beekeeping through modern tools saves the bees too.

Mellisphera offers the community a foundation to build an amazing user experience for beekeepers and citizen scientists. We are welcoming people sharing this vision and willing to contribute to this adventure.

Project roadmap

MelliHealth v2.0

  • planned for september 2019
  • first production Platform
  • includes two main streams : -- MelliUX is an Advanced user experience with intuitive apiary and hive information Dashboard -- MelliCharts is the "expert" mode with advanced analytics and a rich interface to analyze data from multiple sources

MelliHealth v1.0

  • october 2018
  • our first prototype
  • setting up the foundation with hive sensor statistics, beekeeper notes and flower database

How to link with us

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