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Everything Public Media, in One Place


Why This Exists

I currently subscribe to three public media Facebook groups, several listservs, read several blogs, and try to follow hashtags on Twitter — and still miss really important public media stuff. (And I'm sure there are walled gardens I'm not a member of or not even aware of...)

So I'm taking a cue from a really smart idea in the tech world: to use Github to make lists of all of the awesome public media resources, in one place.


This page is written in a language called markdown. Links should be submitted as follows:

* [Title of Content](link to content) - description of content

Anyone can add to this list. To add to the list,

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  7. Click "Commit directly to the Master branch." (Remember, this is still your version, not the original.)
  8. When you go back to the main page for your version of PublicMedia, underneath the green button, you should see a little gray line that says the branch is some number of commits ahead of melodykramer:master. Directly right of that line, click the button for Pull Request.
  9. Review your edits, and when they are ready, create your pull request.

(detailed instructions for newcomers here.)







  • KALW invited Daniel Handler — aka Lemony Snicket — into the studio during a pledge drive, told him to mention their number a few times and let him loose. The result? People were calling the station begging to go back to pledge breaks.
  • WNYC's Pledge Drive Videos
  • WMRA Warp Speed Fundraising WMRA (in Harrisonburg, VA) had messages during breaks to ask its members to give ahead of the fund drive week so no programs would have to be interrupted. It worked, they raised $200,000, and now they have regular messages on-air and online (such as "Support WMRA today: if we can reach $75,000 by June 9th, we won't have to interrupt any programs!") to remind listeners to give by a certain date to prevent needing a "normal" drive.

##Handbooks and manuals



actual public radio stations

community/college radio




prior aggregation attempt


spun off american archive work


Public Media Platform - PMP API


Facebook, Twitter


Lynn Hatter, news director Twitter

Jessica Palombo, reporter/producer Twitter

Sascha Cordner, ATC host/reporter Twitter

Regan McCarthy, reporter/assignment editor Twitter

Tom Flanigan, program director for news Twitter

Nick Evans, news assistant/reporter Twitter

St. Louis Public Radio in St. Louis, Missouri

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Kelsey Proud, engagement editor (main voice behind station social accounts) Twitter

Brent Jones, data/visual journalist Twitter

Staff Twitter List

WFAE in Charlotte, NC

Station: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Charlotte Talks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Katie Herzog, Social Media Coordinator/Web Producer

Jennifer Lang, Web Producer

Greg Collard, News Director

Lisa Miller, Reporter

Michael Tomsic, Reporter

Marshall Terry, Reporter

Ben Bradford, Reporter

Tom Bullock, Reporter

Tasnim Shamma, Reporter

Kevin Kniestedt, Reporter

Duncan McFadyen, Reporter

WPLN Nashville Public Radio

Station Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


WPLN Newsroom

Anita Bugg, news director

Blake Farmer, assistant news director

Mack Linebaugh, director of digital services

Bradley George, Morning Edition host

Nina Cardona, ATC host

Emily Siner, reporter

Bobby Allyn, reporter

WBUR, Boston's NPR News Station

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Pinterest


Nate Goldman, social media producer

Ben Swasey, web editor

Tiffany Campbell, managing editor, digital

WBUR Reporters

WAMU in Washington, D.C.


Facebook l News Twitter, Station Twitter l YouTube

Social folks:

Martin Austermuhle, dayside web producer

Matt Bush, Maryland reporter, anchor

Kavitha Cardoza, education reporter

Chris Chester, morning web producer

Martin Di Caro, transportation reporter

Jacob Fenston, editor

Patrick Madden, D.C. reporter

Michael Pope, Virginia reporter

Ally Schweitzer, evening web producer

Armando Trull, morning reporter

Shows/blogs: Bandwidth, Metro Connection, Kojo Nnamdi Show, Diane Rehm Show

On Point With Tom Ashbrook

Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr


Tom Ashbrook, host

Karen Shiffman executive producer

Nick Andersen, associate producer / digital

Sam Gale Rosen, associate producer

Dean Russell, associate producer

[Kat Richardson Brewer] (http://twitter.com/katabrew), associate producer

NET Nebraska, Nebraska Public Radio

Facebook | Twitter

Newsroom: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

NET Reporters/Producers

WOSU Public Media in Columbus, Ohio

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


Mike Thompson, news director

Ann Fisher, host of All Sides with Ann Fisher

Thomas Bradley, digital editor

Brookdale Public Radio, 90.5 The Night (WBJB-FM)

90.5 The Night (HD1): Facebook | Twitter

Altrok Radio (HD2): Facebook | Twitter

Brookdale Student Radio (HD3): Facebook

FM Flashback (Online): Facebook


Tom Brennan: 90.5 The Night Facebook | Twitter | HD2 Facebook | HD2 Twitter

Jeff Raspe: Facebook

Rich Robinson: Facebook

NPR Social Media Desk


Melody Kramer

Wright Bryan

NPR Visuals Team

Team Twitter list

Texas Public Radio

Facebook | TPR News Twitter | TPR Classical Twitter | TPR Community Twitter | Instagram

Social People:

Nathan Cone | Elisa Gonzales | Ryan Loyd | Joey Palacios

Marketplace (American Public Media)

Facebook| Marketplace Twitter| Instagram| Tumblr|

Marketplace Tech Twitter| Marketplace Wealth & Poverty Desk Twitter| LearningCurve Twitter| LearningCurve Tumblr|

Staff on Twitter: Team Marketplace

Social People: Raghu Manavalan

The World (BBC | WGBH | PRI)

Facebook| The World on Twitter| Instagram| Tumblr| SoundCloud| Google+|

Social People: Steven Davy, Tory Starr

Other Worldies on Twitter: The World's newsroom

The Longest Shortest Time, from WNYC

Podcast + Blog | Facebook | Closed Facebook Group for Moms


Hillary Frank, Host & Creator

Joanna Solotaroff, associate producer

WXPN, Philadelphia

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, The Key - local music blog

Social Workers: Bruce Warren, John Vettese - social coordinator + editor of The Key

World Cafe Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

Social Workers Bruce Warren, John Vettese - social coordinator + editor of The Key, David Dye

NHPR, New Hampshire Public Radio

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr

NHPR People:


Rebecca Lavoie, Digital Director/Social Worker Facebook, Twitter, reddit

ATC/ME Hosts:

Rick Ganley, Morning Edition Host

Brady Carlson, All Things Considered Host reddit

NHPR News peeps:

Sarah Ashworth, News Director

Emily Corwin, Seacoast Reporter

Sam Evans-Brown, Environment Reporter

Josh Rogers, Senior Political Reporter

Sean Hurley, Features/North Country

Chris Jensen, North Country

Michael Brindley, Newscast Producer, Reporter

Brian Wallstin, Digital Journalist (politics, investigative)

Sara Plourde, Digital Producer/Infographics

Word of Mouth from NHPR

Site, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify - Show Playlist, Tumblr

Word of Mouth people:

Maureen McMurray, senior producer

Taylor Quimby, producer, sometimes-host

Virginia Prescott, host

Zach Nugent, producer

Logan Shannon, producer

The Exchange from NHPR

Facebook, Twitter

WNYC, New York Public Radio

Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Shows, desks, and staff

Brian Lehrer Show Website | Twitter | Facebook

Jody Avirgan, producer Twitter | Website | [Ask Roulette (side project)] (http://www.askroulette.net)


[Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/publicradioexchange) | [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/prx) | [Tumblr] (http://prx.tumblr.com) | [PRX STEM Story Project Tumblr] (http://prxstem.tumblr.com)


[Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/Radiotopia.fm) | [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/radiotopiafm) | [Instagram] (http://instagram.com/radiotopia) | [Soundcloud] (https://soundcloud.com/radiotopia)

Radiotopia Shows

Theory of Everything [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/benjamenwalker)

Fugitive Waves [Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/kitchensisters) | [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/kitchensisters)

Radio Diaries [Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/RadioDiaries) | [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/RadioDiaries)

Radio Diaries People: Joe Richman, founder and executive producer

Sarah Kate Kramer, producer

The Truth [Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/thetruthpodcast) | [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/TheTruthFiction)

Strangers [Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/strangersnomore.org) | [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/leathau)

Love + Radio [Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/loveandradiogaga) | [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/loveandradio)

99% Invisible Facebook | Tumblr

99% Invisible People:

Roman Mars, host and executive producer

Sam Greenspan producer

Katie Mingle, producer

Avery Trufelman, associate producer

Science Friday (PRI)

Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | YouTube | SoundCloud |

Ira Flatow(Facebook, Twitter), host and executive producer

Christopher Intagliata, senior producer

Charles Bergquist, director and contributing producer

Alexa Lim, producer

Annie Minoff, SciArts producer

Julie Leibach, managing editor, online

Chau Tu, web producer

Luke Groskin (Twitter, Reddit), video producer

Ariel Zych, education manager

Christian Skotte (Twitter, Reddit), director of program strategy

Brandon Echter (Twitter, Reddit), community manager

Full staff Twitter list

Sound Opinions Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube | Flickr | SoundCloud

Jim DeRogatis, Host

Greg Kot, Host

Jason Saldanha, Senior Producer

Robin Linn, Senior Producer

Anthony Martinez Production Assistant

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Facebook, Twitter


Amanda Peacher, Public Insight Network journalist

Amelia Templeton, reporter

Geoff Norcross, Morning Edition host

John Rossman, digital producer

[Jason Bern]

WUWM - Milwaukee Public Radio

Facebook, Twitter


Susan Bence, Environmental reporter

Dave Edwards, general manager

Michelle Maternowski, web specialist

Mitch Teich, executive producer / host of Lake Effect

LaToya Dennis, reporter

A Way with Words

Facebook page | Facebook group | Twitter | Soundcloud


Martha Barnette, co-producer/co-host

Grant Barrett, co-producer/co-host

James Ramsay, production assistant

WSVH - GBP Savannah - Savannah, GA

Station: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Sarah McCammon, bureau chief/local "All Things Considered" host

Emily Jones, Local "Morning Edition" host/reporter

Gabrielle Ware, All-Platform Journalist

J. Cindy Hill, station manager/producer of "The Green Island Radio Show"

WFYI Public Media - Indianapolis, IN

Station: [Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/WFYI.Indianapolis), [The Point 90.1 HD 2 on Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/WFYIThePoint), [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/wfyi), [WFYI News on Twitter] (https://twitter.com/WFYINews), [WFYI Traffic on Twitter] (https://twitter.com/WFYITraffic), [Google +] (http://plus.google.com/116608949102256040641), [LinkedIn] (https://www.linkedin.com/company/wfyi), [Pinterest] (http://www.pinterest.com/wfyi/)


[Staff Twitter List] (https://twitter.com/wfyi/lists/wfyi-staff/members)

WFYI Radio Shows:

[No Limits on Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/NoLimitsWFYI)

[Stolen Moments on Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/stolenmomentswfyi)

[Film Soceyology on Tumblr] (http://filmsoceyology.tumblr.com/)

[The Cool Down on Tumblr] (http://thecooldownshow.tumblr.com/)

Sound Medicine: [Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/soundmed), [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/SoundMedicine), [Google +] (https://plus.google.com/117868667518714859146), [Pinterest] (http://www.pinterest.com/soundmedicine/)

Harvest Public Media - All over the Midwest, based in Kansas City, Mo.

Harvest: [Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/HarvestPublicMedia), [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/harvestpm)


[Jeremy Bernfeld] (https://twitter.com/jeremyhpm), editor

[Staff Twitter List] (https://twitter.com/JeremyHPM/lists/harvest-public-media)

KCUR - Kansas City, Mo., Public Media (Partners with Harvest)

[Twitter] (https://twitter.com/kcur)


[Briana O'Higgins] (https://twitter.com/brianaohiggins), digital content editor

[Alyson Raletz] (https://twitter.com/AlysonRaletz), social media producer

[Laura Spencer] (https://twitter.com/lauraspencer), arts and culture producer

[Laura Ziegler] (https://twitter.com/laurazig), community engagement reporter/producer

[Up to Date] (https://twitter.com/KCURUpToDate), local daily talk show

[Lisa Rodriguez] (https://twitter.com/larodrig), Up to Date producer

[Andy Marso] (https://twitter.com/andymarso), Kansas Health Institute reporter

** KCRW - Los Angeles - Santa Monica, CA **

KCRW Main Facebook


Instagram Tumblr

Social People

Monika Scott - Social Media Community Coordinator



Caitlin Schamberg - Digital Content Editor


KERA: North Texas Public Media in Dallas, TX

Station: Facebook, Twitter


Eric Aasen, Digital News Editor

Sam Baker, Morning Edition Host

Stephen Becker, Producer, ‘Think’

Krys Boyd, Host, ‘Think’

Stella Chavez, Education Reporter

Courtney Collins, Reporter/Producer

Rick Holter, Vice president of news

Lyndsay Knecht, Associate Producer, ‘Think’

Justin Martin, All Things Considered Host

Krystina Martinez, Associate Producer

Lauren Silverman, Health/Technology Reporter

Jeff Whittington, Executive Producer, Host of ‘Anything You Ever Wanted To Know’

Doualy Xaykaothao, Senior Reporter

Bill Zeeble, Reporter

WYPR, Baltimore

Station: Facebook | Twitter

Programs: Midday | Maryland Morning


Dan Rodricks, Host, Midday

Chris Connelly, Politics Reporter

P. Kenneth Burns, Reporter

Matt Purdy, Senior Producer, Maryland Morning

Jonna McKone, Producer, Maryland Morning

Aaron Henkin, Senior Producer, The Signal

Mary Rose Madden, Reporter/Producer

Maureen Harvie, Producer, Midday