How to implement an instant uploads feature a la Google Plus
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This is an Android project that is able to detect when a picture is taken and
then displays the most recent picture's file name in a TextView.  It serves as 
a demonstration of how one can implement their own instant upload feature. This
is probably not how Google Plus implemented their Instant Uploads feature on 
their Google Plus app, but it provides the same functionality.  An added bonus 
- this works with any camera app, not just the native Camera app.  

One of my hackathon projects at Facebook was implementing an instant uploads 
feature for their Android Facebook app.  I was able to take pictures on my 
phone, and in a matter of seconds, it was uploaded to Facebook.  However, it 
got shot down and I felt like it would be a waste to just let it die like that.

So I decided to write a tutorial on what I built (similar, at least) so that 
others who are interested can get started right away.  I think it's a really 
cool feature and would love to see more of this elsewhere!

You can see the tutorial here:

Visit my website: