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MemSQL Spark Library

This git repository contains a number of Scala projects that provide interoperation between MemSQL and a Spark cluster.

Name Description
MemSQL Spark Interface A Spark app providing an API to run MemSQL Streamliner Pipelines on Spark
MemSQL etlLib A library of interfaces for building custom MemSQL Streamliner Pipelines
MemSQL Spark Connector Scala tools for connecting to MemSQL from Spark

Supported Spark version

Right now this project is only supported for Spark version 1.5.2. It has been primarily tested against the MemSQL Spark Distribution which you can download here: http://versions.memsql.com/memsql-spark/latest


You can find Scala documentation for everything exposed in this repo here: memsql.github.io/memsql-spark-connector

You can find MemSQL documentation on our Spark ecosystem here: docs.memsql.com/latest/spark/

MemSQL Spark Interface

The MemSQL Spark Interface is a Spark application that runs in a Spark cluster. The Interface provides an HTTP API to run real-time pipelines on Spark. It is also required to interface MemSQL Ops with a Spark cluster.

MemSQL etlLib

The MemSQL ETL library provides interfaces and utilities required when writing custom pipeline JARs. You can learn more about doing this on our docs.

MemSQL Spark Connector

The MemSQL Spark connector provides tools for reading from and writing to MemSQL databases in Spark.

The connector provides a number of integrations with Apache Spark including a custom RDD type, DataFrame helpers and a MemSQL Context.


The MemSQL Context maintains metadata about a MemSQL cluster and extends the Spark SQLContext.

import com.memsql.spark.connector.MemSQLContext

// NOTE: The connection details for your MemSQL Master Aggregator must be in
// the Spark configuration. See http://memsql.github.io/memsql-spark-connector/latest/api/#com.memsql.spark.connector.MemSQLConf
// for details.
val memsqlContext = new MemSQLContext(sparkContext)

val myTableDF = memsqlContext.table("my_table")
// myTableDF now is a Spark DataFrame which represents the specified MemSQL table
// and can be queried using Spark DataFrame query functions

You can also use memsqlContext.sql to pull arbitrary tables and expressions into a DataFrame

val df = memsqlContext.sql("SELECT * FROM test_table")

val result = df.select(df("test_column")).where(df("other_column") === 1).limit(1)
// Result now contains the first row where other_column == 1

Additionally you can use the DataFrameReader API

val df = memsqlContext.read.format("com.memsql.spark.connector").load("db.table")


The saveToMemsql function writes a DataFrame to a MemSQL table.

import org.apache.spark.sql._
import org.apache.spark.sql.types._
import org.apache.spark.sql.memsql.SparkImplicits._


val rdd = sc.parallelize(Array(Row("foo", "bar"), Row("baz", "qux")))
val schema = StructType(Seq(StructField("col1", StringType, false),
                            StructField("col2", StrindType, false)))
val df = sqlContext.createDataFrame(rdd, schema)
df.saveToMemSQL("db", "table")

You can also use the DataFrameWriter API



In order to compile this library you must have the Simple Build Tool (aka sbt) installed.

Artifacts are published to Maven Central [http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/memsql/].

Inside a project definition you can depend on our MemSQL Connector like so:

libraryDependencies  += "com.memsql" %% "memsql-connector" % "VERSION"

And our ETL interface for MemSQL Streamliner:

libraryDependencies  += "com.memsql" %% "memsql-etl" % "VERSION"


You can use SBT to compile all of the projects in this repo. To build all of the projects you can use:

sbt "project etlLib" build \
    "project connectorLib" build \
    "project interface" build


All unit tests can be run via sbt. They will also run at build time automatically.

sbt 'project etlLib' test
sbt 'project connectorLib' test
sbt 'project interface' test