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Monero Pool frontend

AngularJS based UI for nodejs-pool


  • See your hashrate on all pages
  • Track multiple payment addresses.
  • Hashrate siren when hashrate falls below a certain limit.
  • Per miner charts & Payment History.
  • Miner login and management for threhold and payment adjustment.
  • Admin UI for simple Pool management.
  • All the usual features + more.

Run it

Home page html can be set in welcome.html Set pool params in app/globals.js.default and copy to app/globals.js

Requires NodeJS

$ npm start # starts gulp + livereload, serves from ./build on 8080


$ npm install # runs everything, serve from ./build


  • Fix sort arrow styling
  • Network stats page.
  • Ship it deployment
  • Websockets
  • Miner graph colour picker


  • I'm usually on #monero-pools so drop me a line if you need help with something or have a feature request.

Coffee :P ?


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