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# base recipe: meta/recipes-core/expat/
# base branch: master
# base commit: d886fa118c930d0e551f2a0ed02b35d08617f746
SUMMARY = "A stream-oriented XML parser library"
DESCRIPTION = "Expat is an XML parser library written in C. It is a stream-oriented \
parser in which an application registers handlers for things the parser might find \
in the XML document (like start tags)"
inherit debian-package
require recipes-debian/sources/
DEBIAN_UNPACK_DIR = "${WORKDIR}/libexpat-R_${@d.getVar('PV',True).replace('.','_')}"
S = "${DEBIAN_UNPACK_DIR}/expat"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=5b8620d98e49772d95fc1d291c26aa79"
# Don't build doc to reduce dependency, it depends on docbook-to-man
SRC_URI += "file://disable-build-doc.patch \
FILESEXTRAPATHS =. "${FILE_DIRNAME}/files:${COREBASE}/meta/recipes-core/expat/expat:"
inherit autotools lib_package
do_configure_prepend () {
rm -f ${S}/conftools/libtool.m4
BBCLASSEXTEND = "native nativesdk"