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My Home Assistant setup:

This is my current Home Automation setup, based on Homeassistant. This is my live system as it is running in my house at the moment. I am currently tracking the beta channel of releases. Below you will find links to how it is all organised, and I am in the process of adding a Wiki to this site that will explain how to create a system like mine from scratch...


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3 storey townhouse, consisting of:

  • A living area on the ground floor (Living room and kitchen/diner)
  • Hall stairs and landing leading to first floor.
  • Boys' bedroom, Girls' bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.
  • Stairs leading to Master bedroom on the second floor.

Click here to see the Hardware and Software I am using around the house.

What it does:

This section needs re-writing as timeline / automation based. - (coming soon)


Click here to see how I've configured it and how this repo is organised.

Click here to see how I keep everything running smoothly by monitoring my instances uptime, checking the validity of my config and managing backups.

Click here to see how it looks!

Useful links/resources etc:

Home Assistant and the Community Forum

Bruh's website and Youtube

HA examples especially CCOSTAN

Travis CI for checking configuration.

Uptime Robot for checking my system is online.

Dropbox and Martikainen87's sync script for managing backups.