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UPGRADE FROM 2.1.x TO 2.2.x

Upgrading your capifony configuration from 2.1.x to 2.2.x is quite easy. If you don't have a custom Capfile file, delete it and recreate it using the following command:

capifony .

Important: This is mandatory for both symfony 1.x and Symfony2 projects.

If you have a custom Capfile file, you just have to change the way you load capifony. In capifony 2.1.x and for Symfony2 projects, the line below was used to load capifony:

load Gem.find_files('symfony2.rb').first.to_s

You have to replace this line by the following one:

require 'capifony_symfony2'

For symfony 1.x projects, the line below was used for the same purpose:

load Gem.find_files('symfony1.rb').first.to_s

You have to replace it by the following line:

load Gem.find_files('capifony_symfony1.rb').first.to_s

That's all.